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The NHL team Winnipeg Jets has an instantly memorable logo inspired by roundel emblems of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Meaning and history

Winnipeg Jets Logo history

Florida Panthers is a young hockey club, its history dates back to 1993, so there was only one major redesign of the team’s visual identity, though the new look is a perfect representation of the club’s progress and development.

1993 — 2016

Winnipeg Jets Logo 1999
The original visual identity design of the Florida Panthers hockey club was composed of two graphical emblems, used separately. The primary version of the logo featured an image of a jumping panther, drawn with a lot of details in dark yellow and blue. The eyes, tongue, paws, and a tail-brush of the animal were colored red, which added a sense of power and danger to an elegant and graceful wild cat.

The second badge, which was used less often, depicted a stylized yellow sun drawing with an enlarged circle and small triangular rays around its perimeter. The hockey stick in white and blue was crossing the palm-tree and got placed on the yellow sun background. It was a bright and friendly image, which stayed in the club’s past, unlike its primary version, which is still used by Florida Panthers.

2016 — Today

Winnipeg Jets logo
The redesign of 2016 brought a new emblem to the hockey club and refined the old one, giving it a second breath and elevating its character. The new emblem of Florida Panthers is composed of a sleek triangular crest with its sides smooth and arched. The Royal-blue body of the crest is outlined in calm sand-gold and has a gold and red banner stretched along its upper bar. The white “Florida” wordmark is set on a red background in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface with a lot of space between the letters.

The panther’s profile is drawn in sand-gold on a blue background with stylized modern lines and white accents. The animal has its eyes colored red, but it looks elegant and stylish, though still evokes a sense of power and courage.

Along with the new crest, today the team also uses its previous jumping panther version of the logo, but in a renewed color palette and with its contours refined. There is also another secondary logo designed for the team — a gold panther walking to the right on the white and red flag. The “Florida” arched banner in red, white, gold, and blue is placed above the wild cat.


Winnipeg Jets Symbol

The Winnipeg Jets logo history actually started after the team relocated to Winnipeg in 2011. The emblem, which was designed by Linda Lynch in collaboration with Reebok and the National Hockey League, was inspired by Winnipeg’s 17 Wing, as well as other symbols of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The emblem is based on a silhouette of a McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet. It is placed over a red maple leaf and encircled by solid blue and grey frames.


The two-lined wordmark comprises the word “Jets” in a script imitating handwriting and “Winnipeg” in a simple sans serif type.


Color Winnipeg Jets logo

In spite of using such popular colors as red, blue, and silver, the palette of the Winnipeg Jets logo is unique and highly memorable. That’s because the author of the logo chose unhackneyed and noble shades creating an impressive harmony. The club lists the following colors: Polar Night Blue (close to PMS: 282), Aviator Blue (PMS: 2945 C), silver (PMS: 429 C), grey (PMS: Cool Gray 11 C), red (PMS: 187 C), maroon (PMS: 195 C), and white.

Winnipeg Jets Logo Emblem