Winnipeg Jets Logo

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Winnipeg Jets Logo
The NHL team Winnipeg Jets has an instantly memorable logo inspired by roundel emblems of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Meaning and History logo

Winnipeg Jets Logo history

While the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, hosted a team called Winnipeg Jets in 1972–1996, the club that is currently playing under this name is a different one. It was established in 1999 as Atlanta Thrashers and received the name of the Winnipeg Jets only in 2011.

Old logo

Old logo Winnipeg Jets (Atlanta Thrashers)
The original Atlanta Thrashers emblem depicted the official state bird of the team’s home state, Georgia. The bird with a hockey stick was placed inside a yellow shield frame with the blue filling.


Winnipeg Jets Symbol
The Winnipeg Jets logo history actually started after the team relocated to Winnipeg in 2011. The emblem, which was designed by Linda Lynch in collaboration with Reebok and the National Hockey League, was inspired by Winnipeg’s 17 Wing, as well as other symbols of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The emblem is based on a silhouette of a McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet. It is placed over a red maple leaf and encircled by solid blue and grey frames.


The two-lined wordmark comprises the word “Jets” in a script imitating handwriting and “Winnipeg” in a simple sans serif type.


Color Winnipeg Jets logo
In spite of using such popular colors as red, blue, and silver, the palette of the Winnipeg Jets logo is unique and highly memorable. That’s because the author of the logo chose unhackneyed and noble shades creating an impressive harmony. The club lists the following colors: Polar Night Blue (close to PMS: 282), Aviator Blue (PMS: 2945 C), silver (PMS: 429 C), grey (PMS: Cool Gray 11 C), red (PMS: 187 C), maroon (PMS: 195 C), and white.