New York Rangers Logo

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New York Rangers Logo
The emblem of the ice hockey team the New York Rangers has been remarkably consistent throughout its more than 90-year history. All the modifications have been relatively minor and haven’t affected its core.

Meaning and History logo

New York Rangers Logo history

The New York Rangers logo history started in 1927, together with the history of the club itself. The first owner of the club was George Lewis Rickard known as president of Madison Square Garden. The aim of his franchise was to successfully compete with New York Americans, an ice hockey team that started playing at the same arena a year earlier.
The designer made the Rangers logo very similar to the emblem of their rivals. Both the Rangers’ and the Americans’ logos had a shield shape and featured red, blue, and white (although the shades were slightly different). In both the logos, the word “New York” was placed over a horizontal blue stripe on top of the shield, while the second word of the team’s name (“Rangers” and “Americans” respectively) could be seen on a diagonal stripe. There was a difference, though, at the bottom part of the shield: the Americans had red stripes, while the Rangers had a red triangular at the top left corner and a white field at the bottom right corner. Also, the Americans’ emblem had white stars over the blue stripe on the top, while the stripe on the Rangers’ crest was solid blue.

Old logo

Old logo New York Rangers
In 1936, the team updated the color scheme making both the shade of red and the shade of blue a bit darker and nobler. The 1948 redesign was a more profound one. Not only the shades were modified, by the shield itself acquired a different shape – it structure was based on a rectangular now. The word “Rangers,” which used to be white on the previous versions, grew red.


New York Rangers Symbol
The 1954 New York Rangers logo got even closer to the rectangular structure. In contrast with the previous version, the rectangular was positioned horizontally. The outer frame became thinner.
In 1962, the club owners decided to tweak the emblem once again making the word “Rangers” white as it was before the 1948 redesign.
The color of the text hasn’t changed since 1962, while the overall shape has been revisited a couple of times. In 1969, the rectangular was positioned vertically once again, so the shield acquired an elongated shape. The team kept experimenting with the proportions until in 1976 it unveiled a logo with the square structure.


New York Rangers Emblem
Lighter shades of red and blue were used starting from the 1978/79 season. Apart from the color scheme, which grew somewhat darker in 1999, the shield has remained virtually untouched since 1979.

Alternate logo

Alternate logo New York Rangers
During the 2012 NHL Winter Classic, the team used a version of its original logo where beige replaced white. Also, a different logo was used for the 2014 NHL Stadium Series: here, the white fields of the primary logo were replaced by light grey ones.


The logo New York Rangers use as the primary one features a different font than their wordmark. The letters on the primary logo are simpler and better legible. That’s just a regular sans serif type. The wordmark has a unique style where each of the glyphs is somewhat unusual. While the legibility leaves much to be desired, the wordmark is instantly memorable.


New York Rangers Logo Color
The color scheme has remained basically the same since the team’s inaugural season in 1927. It still comprises blue, red, and white, although there has been some playing around with the shades. The shades look similar to the following ones: hex: #C8102E (red) and #0038A8 (blue).