Edmonton Oilers Logo

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Edmonton Oilers Logo
The history of the Edmonton Oilers logo has been nothing but a series of color transformations. The logo has been virtually identical in its shape so far, yet it has gone through seven color shifts.

Meaning and History logo

Edmonton Oilers Logo history

Established in 1971, the Oilers were among the franchises that founded the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

Old logo

Old logo Edmonton Oilers
The earliest logo featured the word “Oilers” inside a circle, both given in royal blue. At the top, there was an orange oil drop inside another blue circle.
In 1980, both the oil drop and the circle grew darker. Another modification took place in 1987. And again, nothing but the colors was altered. This time, the orange shifted to a much more vivid shade, while the blue grew just a little bit lighter.
Ten years later, one more color shift in the Edmonton Oilers logo history took place. Now, blue was darkened to navy blue, while the drop became copper. Also, a bright red circle frame appeared around the logo.


Edmonton Oilers Symbol
The 2012 version looked like a step back as it was very close to the 1987 emblem in both the shades of blue and orange.


Edmonton Oilers Emblem
In advance of the 2017/18 playing season, the color of orange was brightened. Also, the Oilers switched from royal blue to navy blue on all of their uniforms and logos so as to further accentuate the orange.


Edmonton Oilers logo font is a custom typeface with distinctive serifs and “leaking” letters.


Color Edmonton Oilers Logo
The team’s official colors are orange and navy blue. The combination creates a vivid and eye-catching contrast.