Arizona Coyotes Logo

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Arizona Coyotes Logo
The US ice hockey team the Arizona Coyotes has had three names so far, and each time the renaming coincided with the introduction of a new emblem. That’s why the history of the Arizona Coyotes logo can be broken into three distinctive periods:

  • 1972-1996 (Winnipeg Jets)
  • 1997-2003 (Phoenix Coyotes)
  • 2004-present (Arizona Coyotes)

Meaning and History logo

Arizona Coyotes Logo history

The history of the team started in 1972 in Winnipeg, where it played under the name of the Winnipeg Jets. During its first years, the franchise belonged to the WHA before joining the NHL in 1979.

Old logo (1972-1996)

Old logo Arizona Coyotes
The original logo was developed following the team’s introduction as part of the National Hockey League. The emblem, which appeared on the kits in 1979, stacked several elements into a red frame. There was the lettering “Jets” in white where the “J” was formed by a stylized hockey stick. The lettering “Winnipeg” below (which was, by the way, on the verge of legibility) was colored red. The “jet” theme was also here: you could see a blue plane taking off. To visually separate the jet from the main logo, the designer placed it inside a red circle.
The second logo was much lighter due to the dominant color, white. It appeared to be a more professional and well-considered version of its predecessor. The hockey stick “J,” which was the highlight of the original logo, was preserved, but now it was merged seamlessly with the overall design.

Symbol in 1997-2003

Arizona Coyotes Symbol
The first logo after the team’s relocation to Phoenix was designed by artist Greg Fisher. His work featured a kachina-style coyote with an impressive mask drawn in the Southwestern style. The Phoenix Coyotes old logo went through an update in 2000, as a result of which the wordmark disappeared, while the shade of brick red grew darker.

Emblem evolution after 2004

Arizona Coyotes Emblem
To mark the opening of the new arena in Glendale, the team introduced a new logo developed by Adrenalin Design Group. It looked cleaner and more like a sports logo, yet definitely lacked the unique charm of its experimental predecessor. On the new logo, you could see a coyote howling at the moon. The aggressive tone was more pronounced here. If you took a closer look, you could notice the four triangles across the bridge of the snout. They had a symbolic meaning – each of them represented one of the Four Peaks.
In the summer of 2014, the franchise replaced its geographic name “Phoenix” by “Arizona.” This fact didn’t affect the primary logo in any way, as it didn’t include any text, but the secondary logos and the jerseys were updated.
The alternate logo introduced in 2016 is built around a stylized outline of the map of the Arizona state. Its top part is comprised of the state flag recolored in the team’s official colors, while the bottom part features the letter “AZ.” Another additional emblem (2016) sports a large black “A” over a coyote paw.


While the primary logo doesn’t feature any lettering at all, the team does have a wordmark. It is a two-lined insignia featuring the name of the team in a custom sans serif typeface. Some of the most distinctive letters are arguably the two “A’s” (that are each other’s mirror reflections), the “Y,” and the “T” with the slashed ends of the top bar.


Arizona Coyotes Logo Color
There’re three colors on the Arizona Coyotes logo: brick red, black, and desert sand, which is actually a shade of beige. Both the primary logo and the alternative one are pretty consequent in terms of the color palette: none of them includes any other colors than the ones mentioned above. The palette was obviously inspired by the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, with their unusual and beautiful shades.