Most Famous Logos in Pink

Most Famous Logos in Pink

Pink is one of the most popular and recognizable colors in the world. Pink color, like crimson, is close in spectrum to red color. Therefore, it evokes feelings of innocence and sophistication. It is associated with tenderness, femininity, romance, and even love. One might also associate it with softness, delicacy, and appreciation. During the Renaissance, pink color became a symbol of beauty and sophistication.

It should be noted that each shade has its own character and symbolism. For example, the pale pink color symbolizes tenderness, innocence, and purity. The light pink color is associated with romance, femininity, and spiritual harmony. Bright pink can be a symbol of energy, passion, and emotional excitement.


Airpink Logo

Airpink is a Serbian private business jet charter airline. The pink color was surely used to set the airline apart from its competitors and make it memorable. In addition, the bright and bold pink color added a sophisticated touch while also reflecting the energy of the flights on the airline.


Apink Logo

Apink is a group from South Korea with an all-girl lineup that performs in K-pop and dance style. The pink color for the logo was a perfect choice as it is feminine and a symbol of beauty. It is also very romantic and perfect for love songs.


Astro Logo

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad is a leading Malaysian broadcasting company, offering a wide range of digital and satellite television and radio services. It caters to Malaysia’s diverse audience with content in multiple languages and genres, establishing itself as a key player in Southeast Asia’s media landscape.


Avon Logo

Avon is a brand that is something bigger, more significant, and stronger than just a cosmetic brand for women. The pink color has long been a symbol of beauty and femininity. It also reflects the elegance and sophistication of the Avon’s beauty products.


Badoo Logo 2022

Badoo is a social network for dating that has been a leader in its market niche for many years. The light pink color is meant to represent the warm, romantic, and beautiful relationships the platform enables people to form. The creators also wanted to present them as more tender and pure contacts.


Barbie Logo

The Barbie brand will forever be associated with a bold, daring, and bright pink color. The color is fun and playful. In addition, it aims to combine femininity and beauty with an image of a stronger and braver girl who is not afraid to stand out and try new things.

Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny Logo

Beach Bunny is an elite beachwear brand that dictates beach fashion trends around the world. The combination of a lovely cursive font with a bright pink color creates a sexy and sophisticated image. Wearing Beach Bunny bikinis, women can flaunt their bodies and feel elegant, flirtatious, confident, and fun all at once.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Logo

The pink color in this logo stands for all the girls and women who are at risk of having or already faced breast cancer. Pink is comforting and kind, full of compassion and sympathy. The bright color attracts attention and is easily associated with females.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears logo

Besides the fact that pink has been the favorite color of the singer and actress, it is a perfect reflection of her cheerful and youthful character. It also symbolizes the energy and excitement she has for music. The pink color also goes well with the romantic themes of her songs.


Cadiveu Logo

Cadiveu is a Brazilian manufacturer of professional hair care products. The logo features a magenta shade of pink that gives the logo an energetic and youthful, which is how people desire to feel. A sophisticated and stylish font choice creates a grand look.


Camay Logo

Camay is a well-known brand that specializes in the production of perfumed products for body skin care. The pink color of the logo reflected the softness and beautiful glow of the skin after using the products. It also makes the brand appealing to the target audience – the women.


Carefree Logo

The brand used the pink color in its logo not only because the product is made solely for girls and women. It also wanted to reflect the tenderness and care with which the products are made. The brand is designed for women who are sensitive and value comfort.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe logo

Charlotte Russe is a fashionable Californian brand that presents clothes for young girls and teenagers at affordable prices. Playful, strong, young, and feminine, that’s what pink is. Pink is a perfect choice for enthusiastic brands that are full of possibilities.


Cosmopolitan Logo

Cosmopolitan is a leader in covering the latest trends. This is a magazine and website for advanced and stylish girls. Pink logos are usually associated with femininity, softness, romance, and sensuality. At the same time, pink logos are powerful and energetic.

Cure Bowl

Cure Bowl logo

Cure Bowl is an annual American college football bowl game. The game promotes awareness about breast cancer and gives all the earnings for breast cancer research. Accordingly, it used a pink color that not only stands for all women but is also associated with the pink breast cancer ribbon.

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom Logo

The company Deutsche Telekom offers information technology and telecommunications services. It went for fuchsia pink for its logo which is not as bold as red but still has its energy. This bright shade of pink has become closely associated with the brand.


Endemol Logo

Banijay is a leading independent content creation company that has acquired multiple companies, including Endemol Shine Group. Its logo looks stylish and daring thanks to the saturated pink shade. Bright pink is typically a symbol of energy, passion, and emotional excitement.


FeetFinder Logo

FeetFinder offers the simplest and safest site for selling photos of feet, which makes it quite unique. The choice of color palette further made it stand out among myriad other logos. The bright color palette also adds a fun and cheerful touch.


FoodPanda logo

FoodPanda is a global food delivery ordering service, which works in more than 50 countries. Foodora, the sister company of FoodPanda, has pink as its distinctive color. Its owner thinks it will make FoodPanda stand out from rivals.


FreeForm Logo

The FreeForm app was created to make it easier for users to create materials of a different nature: from serious documents to fun drawings. The pink color of the logo looks very creative and enhances its uniqueness. The color also makes people excited about the project on FreeForm.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Logo

Harley Quinn is the negative heroine of the DC Comics universe, an immoral, cynical, but very attractive psychopath. The neon pink color gives the logo a distinctive look. It is meant to represent female charm and beauty and creates a seemingly innocent image.


Hismile Logo

HiSmile is the world’s leading smile care brand, providing a wide range of products. The bold pink color creates a very nice contrast to make the teeth and smile look even brighter. At the same time, it looks more neutral than red and quite natural.


IGtools Logo

IGTools is an Android app that offers a number of features designed to help users increase their followers. The pink color gradient with dashes of yellow and purple takes its roots in the Instagram logo. The latter has the same colors, which creates a strong association with the famous platform.


Koinyoga Logo

One should not be fooled by the “Yoga” part in the name. This is a bookmaking platform from Indonesia. It turned to a hot pink color to attract more attention to the service. In addition, it looks very much in line with a black silhouette of a sexy woman.

La Senza

La Senza logo

La Senza is a Canadian brand of women’s lingerie, bodysuits, corsets, and sleepwear. The pink color is a perfect match for the brand. It also enhances the elegant and feminine appearance of the fluent, curvy strokes of the inscription.

LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise Logo

LOL Surprise is a big ball, inside which the girl will find one of many unique dolls with clothes and accessories. It is clear why the company went for this particular color palette. It is girly, full of energy, and instantly makes one feel excited.


Lyft Logo

Lyft is a taxi and rental service aggregator that offers rides on cars, bicycles, and electric scooters. The company selected this color as a nod to the red and green pins found on Google Maps. Instead of going with a screaming red, Lyft chose a more pleasant pink.


Maidenform logo

The color pink has always had strong associations with women and inherently conveys a sense of femininity. It is a nice choice for a company that has been creating beautiful, sexy, and sophisticated lingerie for women across the globe.


Moonpig Logo

Moonpig offers services for creating and delivering personalized gifts, cards, chocolates, and flowers. The pink color of the logo not only relates to the “Pig” portion of the name. It also creates a dreamy, magical, and exciting atmosphere.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy Logo

With a focus on sustainable energy, Octopus Energy is a retail gas and electricity provider in the UK. The color palette was inspired by the color of the octopus. It is a perfect way to strengthen the brand image and the association of hot pink with the Octopus Energy company.


Osu! Logo

Osu! is a popular musical rhythm game in which you can create your own levels with your favorite songs. It brings the user into a fun world of rhythm, music, and bright colors. The vibrant logo is able to reflect this entertaining and enjoyable ambiance.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Logo 2002

Peppa Pig is not just a cartoon series about a funny and cute pink piggy. The color palette of the logo was a natural choice. However, it also creates a kid-friendly, sweet, welcoming, and safe atmosphere, which is exactly what the creators wanted to achieve.


Reckitt logo

Reckitt Benckiser produces and sells hundreds of household chemicals and medications. Projects that seek to portray the value of health are almost always colorful. Even though bright green is the most common choice, there is no reason not to use bright pink to show that your brand can bring a boost of health to consumers.

Reverse Health

Reverse Health Logo

A 12-week weight reduction coaching program called Reverse Health is designed to prevent weight gain and declines in metabolic rate. Since it is exclusive to women, the company went for a feminine pink color. It also relieves fatigue and helps you believe in yourself, which is exactly what Reverse Health users desire.


Sass Logo

Sass is a CSS extension that adds power and elegance to this simple language. The logo is a perfect reflection of these features. The designer used a beautiful cursive font in combination with a pink color palette that not only makes it look stylish but also adds a touch of sophistication.

Sofia Gray

Sofiagray Logo

This is the largest online marketplace for used toys, socks, underwear, photos, and other items. The bold and daring pink base of the logo hints at the fact that the items sold on this website are very sexy. It is flirtatious, hot, and even has some sexual undertone. Logo

There’s never a dull moment with pink, just like with, which is dedicated to enabling users to engage in discussions with strangers online. It attracts attention and evokes a feeling of playfulness, warmth, happiness, and romance.

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister logo

Twisted Sister is an American glam metal band from New York. The pink shades in the band’s name create a neon effect. The logo turned out bright, bold, catchy, and romantic. It is a perfect representation of the band and will never go out of style.


Uniswap Logo

Uniswap is the largest decentralized crypto exchange based on the Ethereum protocol. The combination of pink color and unicorn character creates a very distinctive and hard-to-miss brand identity. It is visually interesting and recognizable.


The By Very brand is ideal clothing for any female figure, which will not only emphasize beautiful body shapes but also express individuality. Pink color is considered one of the main ones in the world of fashion. This is all because it is as calm as possible, but at the same time stylish, fashionable, and pleasing to the eye.

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines Logo

Vineyard Vines is an American clothing and accessories company. The smiling whale was supposed to inspire customers to live a good life, besides being associated with Martha’s Vineyard. The pink color of the whale was very much intentional as it reflects the outfit styles of the people at Martha’s Vineyard.