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IGtools is the name of the social media services provider, which was established in 2018 in Turkey, and today successfully provides users from all over the world with such essential things as followers and likes booster, and many more features, important for maintaining a high rating of social media profiles.

Meaning and history

The service is absolutely free to use, and starts delivering followers and likes right after the application is downloaded and the details of your Instagram account are signed in. Those will not be real users liking your content and subscribing to your profile, but no one will know that, so if you are into numbers and need that boost to feel more confident, then IGtools is what you need.

Apart from followers and likes, the IGtools application can also boost your Stories and Video posts, and send likes to the posts’ comments. So, basically, it can do everything the real user would do, but faster, and in a higher quantity. The application has been on the market for quite a long time and is considered to be one of the most reliable free providers of its kind.

IGtools Logo

IGtools Logo

In terms of visual identity, IGtools.net uses some elements, that can affiliate it to Instagram, the main platform it provides the services for. And by “elements” we mean color palette in the first place. The application’s insignia is executed in the gradient orange-to-pink color scheme, which is instantly recognizable by social media users from all over the globe.

The main part of the IGtools visual identity is, of course, the emblem, which depicts an abstract figure, with the ring as the central element. This ring has four horizontal lines, coming out of it to the left. The lines are of different lengths and have their ends rounded. This composition adds a sense of motion and speed to the badge. Inside the ring there is a solid bright pink heart symbol, standing for love and care. And this is what the application provides — love, support, and recognition.

As for the logotype, it is written in the lowercase of a modern and bold sans-serif typeface, with full circular shapes of the letters and elegantly curved tail of the letter “G”. The whole lettering is written in dark shades of pink, with just a slight gradient, which goes from light orange to deep fuchsia, from left to right.

The overall mood of the IGtools logo is quite contemporary and energetic. Its colors represent passion and dynamics, while rounded shapes soften it, evoking a sense of harmony, unity, and balance.