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While the Deutsche Telekom logo has gone a long way since it was first introduced, each of the modifications was more like part of an evolution than a revolution.

Meaning and history

Deutsche Telekom Logo history


Deutsche Telekom Logo 1989

The original logo was dominated by the word “Telekom” in an unpretentious sans. Only the initial was capitalized. To the left, there was a stylized horn, which also resembled a human figure due to the two “legs” and arrows below. Under the name of the company, you could see the writing “Deutsche Bundespost” in tiny letters.


Deutsche Telekom Logo 1991

The horn grew gray, while the word “Telekom” was colored pink. A couple of gray dots appeared from both sides of each of the glyphs. This dot theme symbolizing communication has been present in the logo ever since.


Deutsche Telekom Logo 1995

Now, the centerpiece of the design was a large pink “T” surrounded with four tiny squares, which had replaced the dots. To the right, the lettering “Deutsche Telekom” in a classic serif type could be seen.


Deutsche Telekom Logo 2007

The name of the company disappeared leaving only the “T” and the squares. The number of squares reached ten. All the elements of the logo were now pink.


Deutsche Telekom Logo

The design team behind the Deutsche Telekom logo has decided to reduce the number of squares to four. Now, the “T” is placed between the first two of them. The letter still features the same shape and has serifs. In addition to the primary logo, there is also a version where the words “Deutsche Telekom Group” in gray are added.