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Among all known fashion dolls, Barbie is, definitely, the best-selling and most notable one. Inspired by a German doll, Ruth Handler, a businesswoman from the USA, designed Barbie.

Logo history

Barbie logo history

The logo has been changed and modified about five times, but the concept has remained the same. Its first version was introduced in 1959. It was the brand’s name handwritten in pink. Font style is the only thing that has changed since the brand’s inception.


barbie symbol
The current Barbie logo is just another version of the very first one. It is just the name written in a hand-drawn typeface.

Emblem evolution

What can we say about the original Barbie logo? The handwritten font has a spontaneous and cute style. From all the emblems Barbie has had so far, this one has the most uneven line. The first “B” is the lowest letter, the “a” and “r” go much higher on the line, while the second “b” goes almost as low as the first one.
If the “i” and “e” were lower than the second “b,” there would have been an arch. Instead, the last two letters “jump” almost as high as the “ar.” As a result, the emblem has an absolutely laid-back and effortless mood. It looks pretty without trying too hard, and you can imagine the girl it represents – somewhat naughty, yet absolutely adorable.
A decade later, the brand adopted a 3D version of this logo, which was replaced by a completely different style in 1975. This time, the insignia wasn’t effortless at all. All the letters, except the initial uppercase “B,” had the same height and followed a single line. However, the line itself wasn’t strictly horizontal but went up, which created a happy and optimistic feel.
Probably the most unusual letter of the 1975 logo was the initial “B,” which had two curves. While the one on the top was somewhat smaller, the lower curve was almost impossible to overlook. All the other letters had slightly thicker ends, which resulted in a barely perceptible “handwritten” effect adding some spontaneity.
How can we translate these modifications into the style of the girl the logo represents? Perhaps, we can say that this girl is by far better-behaved and obedient than her predecessor. Also, her beauty is more deliberate – she spends much time refining her look.
During the following fifteen years, the company also used a version where the name of the doll was rotated to the left so that the letters formed a horizontal line. In this variation, the 3D effect was less noticeable than in the main one.
In 1990, a new era started for the Barbie logo. While there was a perceptible similarity in the overall style, both the shape of the letters and the color were modified. The initial “B” was now less elaborate. It dropped the lower curve leaving only the one on the top.
All the other letters looked pretty much the same, although if you compare them side-by-side with the glyphs of the previous version, you will notice the difference. The letters became slightly sharper because the thicker ends were replaced by sharp angles. On the whole, if we try to imagine the doll (or the girl) this logo may represent, we may think of a slightly more “girl-next-door” style, although she is still well-behaved and obedient.
The shape of the letters of the 1999 logo grew closer to the original logo with its effortless elegance. This was even reinforced in the 2004 and 2005 emblems. The current one is almost the same as the earliest logo.


Candy pink has been one of the most important parts of the Barbie brand. The 1975 version featured a slightly cooler shade of pink than its predecessor. As for the color of the 1990 logo, it looked closer to the original logo than to the 1975 version, although it was somewhat lighter. The following logos grew more saturated.