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Cadiveu is a Brazilian producer of haircare products. There is a big lineup of masks, shampoos, conditioners and other solutions, designed to keep the hair healthy and stylish. The brand offers a range of hair care products. It often works in collaboration with universities and laboratories in Brazil and other countries.

Meaning and History

The company was set up in 2017 in Brazil. It’s a native brand, and a lot of remedies sold by them are made using the local ingredients, such as cocoa. They’ve slowly attracted international recognition, but Cadiveu as a brand is still a minor supplier of haircare and styling products.

2017 – today

Logo Cadiveu

Their main logo is the ‘Cadiveu’ wordmark. It’s written in slim serif letters with a lot of soft, rounded elements. All these letters are capitalized. The font is a rather normal sans-serif with just a little twisted apostrophe-like extension on the tip of the ‘C’. The colors are usually white or pink.

There are many other wordmark designs used simultaneously, but this one is the chief among them.

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