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Peppa Pig is one of the most popular animated series for little kids, which was created in Great Britain, and by today has become an international franchise, known all over the globe. The series tells a story of a little pig girl, who lives with her family.

Meaning and history

Peppa Pig Logo history

The idea of Peppa Pig was born back in 1999, however, three talented residents of the UK planned a show with a girl pig in the title role. But already at the stage of searching for sponsors, it became clear to Mark Baker and his colleagues Phil Davies and Neville Astley that an animated series would be much more popular.

For almost five years, the guys created the story of Peppa, carefully considering all the formalities of interest to kids, which will look at young viewers. The life of the characters had to be as similar as possible to what they see around them.

The first episode of Peppa Pig came out on Nick Jr. and Channel 5 in 2004. The main character is a four-year-old piglet named Peppa who lives with her parents, Mom Piggy and Dad Pig, and younger brother George, in a small fictional town. Peppa goes to kindergarten, plays with her friends, and goes on trips to the mountains and picnics with her parents, just like a normal little girl.

One interesting fact about little piggy. Peppa originally had a slightly different look and was not the way children are used to seeing her. Animators considered it a good decision to draw the pig with only one eye, which is understandable, based on logic, because the heroine is depicted in profile. But still, this decision would make it a little unusual and even strange, so thank you to the person who convinced the creators that the two-dimensional multi-pig deserves to have a second eye, no matter how original it looks.

It only took one season for the show to become incredibly popular. By the second season, released two years later, the cartoon had already been seen in 120 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and New Zealand.

Today there are more than ten thousand different products with Peppa’s image on them are being sold. In addition, theme parks have been built in Hampshire and Milan, where children and their parents can immerse themselves in the world of the TV show and, of course, splash in muddy puddles.

What is Peppa Pig?
Peppa Pig is the main character of the animated series of the same name, which appeared in the UK in 2004. According to the plot of the animated series Peppa Pig is a cute pink piglet, the oldest of the children in the family of piglets, She has just turned five years old. Today the series is watched by children in 180 countries around the world.

In terms of visual identity, the popular franchise has only had one official logo throughout the years, yet for the pilot episode, a slightly different badge was used. The fact, that the creators decided not to redesign the primary emblem, has made the bright pink and blue image extremely recognizable all over the globe.


Peppa Pig Logo 2002

The logo for the pilot episode of the Peppa Pig series was introduced in 2002, and looked quite modest, compared to the logo we all know today. It was a light pink handwritten inscription, set on a plain white background with no graphical additions. The wordmark was set in a smooth rounded sans-serif and looked pretty childish, which was even touching and sweet.

2004 – Today

Peppa Pig Logo

The official logo, created in 2004, is based on the original version. The pink lettering got emboldened and gained a tiny curved piggy tail on the end of the lowercase “G”. The inscription is placed on a solid blue puddle, which also resembles a cloud. The main hero of the franchise, Peppa Pig, is depicted on top of the composition. She is wearing a red dress, and has her curly pink tail pointing to the left, and balancing the tail of the “G”.

Font and color

Peppa Pig Emblem

The title case lettering from the primary Peppa Pig logo is set in a simple handwritten typeface with rounded contours of the sans-serif characters. It is a designer typeface that has no commercial analogs.

As for the color palette of Peppa Pig, it is based on a combination of pink and blue, the bright shades, which are loved by boys and girls in all countries. These colors make the logo very fresh and delightful.