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Android is a Linux-based software platform used in smartphones and tablets. Its rapidly growing popularity makes it one of the major competitors on the mobile device market.

Logo History

Android logo history

Versions history

android logo Versions history

The Android logo was designed in 2007 by Irina Blok, a graphic designer of Google. She and her associates decided to make it an open-source logo. That meant that any company of the world was free to customize it. Later, Blok said about her creation that it was like a child, who she had given a life, and now it was to live its own independent life.

Android logo


android symbol

The Android Logo’s main element is a robot consisting of a quadrangular torso, semicircular head with two antennas on it, and limbs presented by bars with rounded ends. Irina Blok came up with the symbol as she had received a recommendation from her boss to include a robot in the logo.

Android logo

Shape and colors

colors android logo

Thanks to its very simple and memorable design, the logo did produce the needed effect. It is colored in so called ‘Android Green’, as green symbolizes progress, uniqueness, and striving for novelty. Because it is an open source logo, it has appeared in a variety of shapes: wearing colored clothes, with different facial expressions, etc.