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Uniswap is a financial platform, founded in 2018 by Heyden Adams, a former engineer working in Siemens. This is a cryptocurrency exchange system, using a decentralized interconnecting structure, facilitating transacting between cryptocoins. The organization uses smart contracts and proofs-of-concept in its operational process. Etherium is the main blockchain on this bourse. Now, Uniswap enters the top-5 of crypto exchanges in terms of trading amount.

Meaning and history

The first edition of Uniswap protocol was made in 2018. Investors and crypto traders were attracted to the platform due to its decentralized nature. At the start, Uniswap receive $220 million for the development.

This name derives from the word ‘swap’, meaning a financial operation on different currencies exchange, and the ‘uni’, short from ‘unique’. The combination is suitable for this decentralized platform, with every swap unique and separate.

What is Uniswap?
Uniswap is a financial platform, established in 2018. It’s helping people trade their cryptocoins via a decentralized proof-of-concept system, using smart contracts in its operational process. The blockchain used in Uniswap is Ethereum. Now, it’s the fourth crypto exchange bourse.

2018 – today

Uniswap Logo

Their logotype depicts an icon of a hairy unicorn’s head. There’s also a version with the nameplate to the right.


This inscription has a typical slim font without serifs. The letters are capitals. On their official site, they use the logotype without nameplate, although on some posters and social media pages there are inscription-equipped logos. On these posters, they also sometimes write a sans-serif text caption.


Uniswap Symbol

The whole logotype is pink for corporate usage and gray for marketing materials such as official site and others.

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