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Koinyoga is the name of an Indonesian bookmaking and gambling website, which provides online betting services for most markets available in the region. The portal has a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider and is easy to use and bet with.

Meaning and history

Koinyoga is the website of one of the most trusted bookmakers in Indonesia. The platform is very easy to register on, as well as to deposit your funds and withdraw them. Owned by YogaToto, Koinyoga has a professional customer support service, available online 24/7.

The web portal works with different markets and has a convenient system of money withdrawal, which you can do any time you want, right in your personal cabinet on the website.

What is Koinyoga?

Koinyoga is a website, owned by the Indonesian company YogaToto, which is one of the most reliable and reputable online-betting agents in the region. On the website, you can bet and gamble, after a simple and fast registration, and be sure your funds are safe and available for withdrawal at any time you wish.

In terms of visual identity, the online bookmaker uses the emblem, designed for the mother company, YogaToto, which features an interesting graphical emblem — the fancy figure of a lady.

2020 – Today

Koinyoga Logo

The Koinyoga logo features two independent parts: the one used on the pages of the website, with the full name of the company and a delicate graphical element, and the bright emblem, used as the web icon and the bookmaker’s signifier.

The primary logo is composed of a bold and enlarged “Yoga” lettering in pink capitals of a custom modern sans-serif typeface, followed by a black silhouette of a lady, drawn in profile with her hat waving back, and the small black “Toto” inscription, set a bit under the line, in bold clean lines of a different sans-serif font.

As for the icon, it features a glossy gradient blue circle with the same lady’s silhouette, but in white. It looks bright and stylish, making the betting website stand out on the list of its competitors.

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