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Badoo is the name of the social media platform, which is focused on dating and re-lationships. The service was created in 2006 in Russia and by today it has expanded to all the continents, is one of the most popular dating websites with millions of users.

Meaning and history

Badoo Logo history

Badoo has always used its logotype as the main element of the visual identity. Though there have been two major redesigns of the logo, if you look at the very first one and the one the online service uses today, you will definitely see the similarity, as they kept the original style and playful mood of the emblem.

2006 – 2017

Badoo Logo 2006

The Badoo logo, introduced in 2006 was composed of multi-color lettering in the lowercase with all the letters featuring different sizes. The “B” and the first “O” of the inscription were the largest, and the” O” had an additional graphical element inside — a solid red dot. The letters were colored in two shades of blue, green, orange, and red in order to show the diversity and the ability of the service to satisfy all the tastes and needs of the user.

2017 – 2019

Badoo Logo 2017

The logo was redesigned only 11 years after its creation. The letters in the logotype now featured the same size and were placed in one line. The funny and modern sans-serif typeface of the lowercase “Badoo” inscription is very similar to Circa Bold Font, with all the letters boasting circular shape.

The red dot from the inside of the letter “O” of the previous version came out to the left of the wordmark and turned into a solid red heart, which is a symbol of love and happiness for people who are looking for their soulmates with the online dating ser-vice.

As for the color palette, there were two options — with black lettering on a white background, or white inscription on purple.

2019 – 2022

Badoo Logo 2019

The redesign of 1019 simplified the Badoo color palette to just two colors — purple and white. The wordmark remained untouched in terms of typeface and thickness, but the red heats were replaced by a new one — the solid Purple Heart now was a delicate white smile on it.

The Badoo logo is very welcoming and friendly. It’s calming color palette and a king and happy emblem evoke a sense of trustworthiness and loyalty, showing the service as a caring and responsible one.

2022 – 2023

Badoo Logo 2022

The redesign of 2022 has introduced a new color palette for the Badoo visual identity as a very light shade of powder pink. The badge itself is now composed of a smiling heart emblem, as in the previous version, but not upside-down anymore, andlowercase lettering in a bold modern sans-serif font with rounded shapes of the characters and straight cuts of the lines. The font of the new version resembles the previous one but has thicker bars.

2023 – Today

Badoo Logo

The logo is a striking and playful design, immediately recognizable due to its bold, rounded typography and vibrant red hue. The word “Badoo” is written in all capital letters, with the characters featuring a unique, bubble-like design that gives them a friendly and approachable appearance. The letterforms are interconnected, suggesting connectivity and interaction, which is fitting for a brand that focuses on social networking and meeting new people. The use of red is deliberate and effective, symbolizing passion and energy, which are emotions commonly associated with making new connections and experiences.

Each letter in the logo is distinct, with the “B” and the two “O” resembling speech bubbles or balloons, reinforcing the concept of conversation and exchange. The “A” and the “D” maintain the rounded motif but stand with a more grounded and stable shape, providing a visual anchor within the logo. The contrast between the expansive roundness of the “B” and “O”s and the compact “A” and “D” creates a rhythmic balance that is both eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

This logo is not just a brand mark; it’s a visual encapsulation of the brand’s ethos. The circularity of the letters conveys a sense of community and inclusivity, resonating with the platform’s purpose of building networks. It’s a contemporary logo with a hint of playfulness aimed at a young and dynamic audience. The simplicity of the design allows for high versatility, making it easily adaptable across various media while retaining its memorable and impactful character.