Stranger live Logo PNG

Stranger. live is the name of an online service, which allows you to chat with people you don’t know from all over the globe. The portal offers several options, such as webcam chat, live chat, and live cam. Stranger. live is not a very famous platform, compared to others in the same segment.

Meaning and history

No need to explain, that the main idea of the application, named “Stranger”, is chatting to people you don’t know. Make new friends, chat with people you don’t know, get new connections, and share old interests.

The visual identity of the application is pretty usual for the services of its category. Based on a bright color palette — gradient pink as the main shade and white for contours and details, — the logo looks pretty professional and modern. It is a square icon with rounded angles and a white image in the center.

Stranger live Logo

The glossy gradient pink background of the icon is the main eye-catcher here. As for the drawing, it features a solid white camera, executed in a geometric manner, with a little white heart above it. The image is enclosed into a frame, repeating a circular dialogue bubble, executed in a thin white line.

This quite simple and expected concept of the logo looks very confident and contemporary, showing the potential user the progressive approach and professionalism of the team, standing behind the dating application.