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Launched in the year 2014 by entrepreneurs Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic, Hismile has carved a niche in the Australian market as a purveyor of oral health products with a keen focus on teeth whitening solutions. This brand has dedicated itself to enhancing dental aesthetics, offering a range of products designed to brighten smiles. Its innovative approach has disrupted the traditional oral care industry by merging advanced technology with consumer-friendly applications, striving to deliver professional-level results in the comfort of one’s home. As a result, Hismile has emerged as a prominent name in the realm of personal dental care, championing the pursuit of the perfect smile.

Meaning and history

Hismile Logo history

Adopting an online direct-to-consumer approach, this company harnesses the power of digital marketing, specifically through visual-centric channels like Instagram, to connect with customers. By March 2018, it had already celebrated crossing the AUD $100 million revenue threshold. Situated along the scenic Gold Coast in Australia, it has recorded impressive sales, boasting in excess of a million transactions. The entrepreneurial duo Mirkovic and Tomic, who conceptualized and built this brand, have earned places on prestigious rosters such as the AFR Rich List and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Asia, marking their significant impact in the business world.


Hismile Logo 2014

The logo features the word “Hismile” in a sleek, black sans-serif font. The standout element is the stylized ‘S’ shaped like a pair of luscious. These lips curve into a smile, showcasing a glimmering white tooth, which cleverly emphasizes the brand’s focus on dental aesthetics. This creative integration of oral imagery with the typography communicates the brand’s specialty in a visually engaging and direct manner, encapsulating Hismile’s commitment to bright and confident smiles.


Hismile Logo

The logo is a vivid visual pun that playfully merges typographic design with imagery. It features the brand name “hismile” in a bold, sans-serif typeface with the “i” dotted with a stylized depiction of a smiling mouth. The upper and lower lips are represented by arcs of contrasting sizes, the upper arc smaller and the lower one fuller, both rendered in a striking shade of hot pink. This design choice cleverly emphasizes the brand’s focus on bright, healthy smiles, utilizing minimal elements for a maximum impact that’s both clever and memorable.

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