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Moonpig is a digital service based in London and Guernsey, specializing in personalized greeting cards, flowers, and gifts. It operates online, catering to individualized experiences for various occasions. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Moonpig is recognized within the FTSE 250 Index, showcasing its significant presence in the e-commerce market for thoughtful and custom-made products​​.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2000 amidst the dot-com bubble, Moonpig, which took its name from the school nickname of its creator Nick Jenkins, embarked on a challenging journey in the online business world. Despite the difficult economic landscape, Jenkins was able to attract both private and venture capital funding. The company experienced a steady rise, celebrating its first financial success in 2005. A significant milestone was reached in 2006 with a prominent television marketing campaign, which substantially increased its online visibility and sales. By 2009, Moonpig had emerged as a dominant force in the UK’s online greeting card sector, holding an impressive 90% market share.

In a pivotal move, Moonpig was acquired by Photobox Group in 2011 for a substantial £120 million. The journey continued as Photobox, along with Moonpig, became part of Exponent Private Equity in 2015. The path took another turn in 2019 when Moonpig and Dutch counterpart Greetz branched out to form an independent group, paving the way for a new chapter. This culminated in a remarkable moment in February 2021 when Moonpig debuted on the London Stock Exchange, achieving a market valuation of over £1.2 billion on its initial day of trading, marking a significant milestone in its corporate saga.


Moonpig Logo

The emblem presents a delightful and inviting aesthetic, forming the word ‘moonpig’ in a gentle, rosy pink shade, conveying a sense of warmth and friendliness. Its typography features smooth, rounded characters in lowercase, enhancing the brand’s casual and congenial atmosphere. This symbol captures the essence of joy and individuality, reflecting the brand’s commitment to providing customized greeting items that carry a personal and heartfelt touch. It’s a visual representation of the brand’s philosophy to create a connection with its customers, offering products that are not just mere greetings but extensions of personal expressions and emotions. The choice of color and font style is intentional, aiming to create an emotional resonance with the audience, making them feel valued and understood. This logo stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to crafting experiences that are not only memorable but also deeply personal, resonating with the emotions and sentiments of its customers.

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