Cars brands and logos that start with A

Cars that start with A

There are plenty of highly prominent automotive manufacturers, whose brands start with the letter ‘A’. Besides Audi, Aston Martin and others, however, a lot of smaller-scale producers also named their brands accordingly. Here’s the full list, anyhow.

Cars beginning with A:
The list of brands that start with A is long. The most popular are Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Abarth & Acura.


logo Audi

Audi is one of the oldest auto brands in the world. It was created in 1909 by August Horch. Through the 20th century, they incorporated 3 more automotive brands, which is the meaning behind their 4-ring logo. At the moment, the company is owned by Volkswagen. Audi is particularly known for producing Le Mans-winning race cars.

European car brands that start with A:
The prominent car brands from Europe that start with A include Aston Martin, Austin & AC Cars. AvtoVaz is also a major Russian marque.

Alfa Romeo

logo Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand of luxury, sports and high-class cars. It was established in 1910 in Milan. Soon, it’s become one of the leading car manufacturers in Italy, as well as the world in large. Although they are now headquartered in Turin, the brand still uses many Milanese symbols, especially in their logo. It includes the Visconti snake and the Milanese cross put inside a blue circle.

Cars that start with the letter A:
The most popular A-named cars are those from Mercedes and Austin. The latter includes A-class, A-140 & A-150. The latter has A40, A60 & A99.


logo Abarth

Abarth is a subsidiary of Fiat. Ever since their foundation in 1949, the primary purpose has been the modification of Fiat vehicles into sports cars. It usually means the incorporation of new engines and complementing mechanisms to increase the performance. The black scorpion on a red-and-yellow circle is their normal emblem.

Popular car names that start with A:
There are some iconic cars, whose names start with A. This includes Honda Accord, Ariel Atom, Bentley Arnage, Austin Allegro and Hyundai Accent.


logo Acura

Acura is a subsidiary of Honda, created by the latter in 1986 specifically to sell cars in America. Most of their cars are Honda-developed or Honda-inspired high-class passenger cars. They also make various sports cars, but the brand is probably much more known for their SUV products. A black calipers symbol is the usual emblem of Acura.

Aston Martin

logo Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a British brand of luxury sports cars active since 1913. Most of their products are supercars or race cars, and these vehicles are particularly known for their role as ‘Bond cars’, owing to the fact that many of the classic Bond vehicles were by Aston Martin. As a logo, they normally use wing images with ‘Aston Martin’ plastered on them.


logo AMG

Mercedes-AMG (or just AMG) is a tuning company owned by Mercedes. They basically take the usual Mercedes products and make them faster, stronger and more durable. The everyday Mercedes cars turn into sports variations once they are through here. They’ve been doing this since 1967.


logo AAD

AAD is a short-lived car manufacturer from South Africa. They seem to have left a couple of functioning models, most sold to the local buyers. They were active since 1995 and until 2010.


logo AAC

Auto Avio Construzioni (AAC) was the first name of the famed Ferrari Company. They bore it name from 1939 until 1947, when the first proper Ferraris came to be. During this period, the mostly made moderately-successful sports cars for Alfa Romero and other big names.


logo Abadal

Abadal was a car model initially developed in Spain in 1912. It was used and built a lot for about 10 years, until falling out of favor. It was generally considered a high-class car, and was preferred by many rich Europeans.


logo ABC

ABC Motors was a prominent English engineering company in 1912-1951. They mostly made parts for airplanes, but there were several good passenger cars, sports cars and motorcycles. They were eventually absorbed into Vickers, where they fell into obscurity in the late 90s.


logo Aberdonia

Aberdonia was an ancient British car manufactured in the period of 1911-1915 by several companies. It was a proper luxury car, and was released in several variations.

AC Cars

logo AC Cars

AC Cars (aka Auto Carriers) is the oldest surviving brand of British carmakers. It was formed in 1901, and it’s generally the same entity now. They’ve made a lot of different car models in their time, but the most influential product is likely their AC Cobra model, made in conjunction with Shelby.

AC Propulsion

logo AC Propulsion

AC Propulsion is an American manufacturer that mostly makes electric cars – either based on the models of other brands or from their own make. They’ve been doing these cars since early 90s, and there has been moderate demand. You can find them by their emblem of a spiral current made from two lines.


logo Acadian

Acadian is a car built by General Motors in the 60s specifically for the Canadian market. It was supposed to replace contemporary Pontiacs that weren’t accessible in Canada. This model, however, was based off Chevrolet 1962 instead. The usual badge used a tall orange ‘A’ placed onto a black square. Beneath, there would be some red maple leaves on the white background.

Adam Motor Company, Ltd.

logo Adam Motor Company

Adam Motor Company appeared in Pakistan in 2001. A few years later, they started exporting their passenger cars to many Asian countries. They mostly produce compact and family cars, and the main advantage is the affordable price. These are easy to distinguish, because they wear oval badges with the word ‘Adam’ on them.


logo Adam

Opel Adam & Vauxhall Adam are two variations of the same car model produced by Germans from Opel throughout the 2010s. It’s a popular urban car known for its compact size.


logo ADK

ADK was a Belgian car manufactured throughout the 1920s. It wasn’t particularly well-designed, didn’t have a proper hull, but was because of it rather lightweight and affordable. It found minor success on the market.


logo Adler

Adler was a German engineering company that existed from 1880 until the 1950s. They primarily made bicycles and motorcycles, but there were some prominent Adler cars. In particular, several passenger models and a few sports exemplars made it to the market.


logo Aero

Aero was a Czechoslovak airplane and car manufacturer that existed until 1947. Their cars were primarily regular passenger variants, partially inspired by Peugeot and other French contemporary cars.


logo Aeromobil

Aeromobil is a prototype of a flying car developed by the Slovak ‘Aeromobil’ Company. It has been in intense development throughout the 2010s and is scheduled to enter the market by 2023.


logo Aeon

Aeon Sportscars is a British manufacturer of high-performance cars from Southern England. Their most prominent product is perhaps their GT3 kit car – a sturdy, compact supercar. The other vehicles they sell are also meant motorsport or high speeds.


logo Agrale

Agrale is a Brazilian manufacturer of agricultural machinery active since 1962. Their line of products includes trucks, tractors and also utility vehicles. Apart from that, they also make engines.


logo Automotive Industries Ltd

Automotive Industries, Ltd. is an automotive company from Israel that mostly makes variations of military cars from other brands, such as Humvee. The company is active since 1965. Their usual emblem is a ring with a diamond shape made from 4 curves inside it.


logo Aixam-Mega

Aimax-Mega is a minor French automaker founded in 1983. They are famous for their extremely compact passenger cars, vans and trucks. Currently, the brand is owned by Polaris.


logo Ajax

Ajax is a model of American cars produced in 1925-26. It was a basic build of a passenger car from those times, but it was praised for its high performance and power. It had minor success and was only sold in some thousands.


logo AJS

AJS was a British engineering company that operated in 1909-1931. They mostly made motorcycles for various purposes, but there were also several market-successful cars made by AJS in the later years.

Al Araba Company

logo Al Araba

Al Araba is a Saudi Arabian automotive company founded in 1980. They created several regionally successful car models, but the company is also big on modifying the existing cars from other brands.


Alatac was a car developed in Belgium in 1913 by the Automobiles Catala Company. They discontinued the production soon after because of the war, but the models they managed to build were one of the first Belgian luxury cars.


logo Albion

Albion is a British automotive brand that dates back to 1899. In 1951 the brand was absorbed into Leyland. Albion mostly made busses, lorries and some cars in the earlier years.


logo Ales

Ales was a promising high-performance car prototype developed by the Japanese in 1921. Some cars were finalized, but the project went nowhere.

Alan Mann

logo Alan Mann

Alan Mann was a British motor racing team headed by Alan Mann himself. The team is particularly well-known for their 1966 modifications of Ford GT40 with lighter hulls, as well as other cars.


logo Alba

Alba was a short-lived Portuguese carmaker active in 1950-60s. They are mostly famous for their namesake sports car developed in 1952, which won some renown in the local competitions.


Alesbury was a British car constructed in the Irish country Offaly. It was developed in 1907-1908, but then abandoned.


Alfgang is an artifact of Danish car-making. Several models were created in 1912-1914, but the production was discontinued after the war broke out.


logo Allard

Allard was an English subsidiary of the Australian Sydney Allard. It existed in 1946-1958 and mostly made cars for motorsport, sports cars and other high-performance vehicles.


logo Alldays & Onions

Alldays & Onions was an old brand of English cars, motorcycles, busses and other vehicular products. They operated from 1898 until 1918.


logo Alan Mann

Alma was a French car first produced in 1926 and discontinued in 1929. It used a 6-cylinder engine and was a rather basic car design overall.


logo Almac

Almac is a brand of kit supercars from New Zealand. Their debut was in 1984 featuring a modified variation of Shelby Cobra with a stronger engine and other upgrades. They made a few other products, mostly using Ford and Mazda parts.

Alpha Sports

Alpha Sports is a family of kit sports cars from Australia. They began productions in 1963, and the first variants were based off the British Locus cars. The later products, however, were unique and original.


logo Alpine

Alpine is a brand of French sports cars organized in 1955. They were rather famous for their compact, fast cars. By 1973, they were so close with Renault, the latter bought them. After that, Alpine has been making its cars under the Renault brand. The company uses a sharp, capital letter ‘A’ colored in blue as their main logo.


logo Alpina

Alpina is a Bavarian carmaker that mostly just modifies various BMW vehicles into high-performance versions of themselves. They’ve been doing it since their inception in 1965. Although Alpina is not a subsidiary to BMW, they work in close tandem. Their usual emblem is a red-and-blue shield with some car parts on each side.


logo Alta

Alta Car & Engineering Company was a short-lived enterprise in the 50s. They made several cars that competed on various top-tier motorsport tracks 1950-1952. After that, their engines and cars were used by other, independent racing teams, but not for long.

Ateliers Germain

logo Ateliers Germain

Ateliers Germain was a Belgium engineering company that mostly constructed vehicles of other brands for them. The company operated in 1897-1968. Technically, their cars weren’t developed by them, these were variations sold under Germain brand.

Alternative Cars Limited

Alternative Cars is a carmaker from New Zealand that mostly makes kit cars based on the old automobiles from the 30-50s. It includes classic MG cars, although the engines, transmissions that other parts are obviously replaced with newer exemplars.


logo Alvis

Alvis Car & Engineering is a British car-making brand. Their main operating phase was in 1919-1967, during which they made passenger cars, racing vehicles and other mechanical products. They also tried resurrecting the brand in 2012, although there’s still just minor demand.

AM General

logo AM General

AM General is an American carmaker founded in 1971. They are known primarily as a producer of Humvee cars, but they make other cars vehicles meant for the military, as well as heavy vehicles and, formerly, busses.


logo Ambassador

Hindustan Ambassador is a compact passenger car developed by Hindustan Motors in 1956. They discontinued the production of these in 2014, although it was so popular in its prime, there is still an incredible supply of them all over Indian and in UK.


logo AMC

American Motors Company was a short-lived carmaker that existed in 1954-1988. They mostly made passenger cars of all sorts, including compact Spirit cars, various jeeps (Comanche, Cherokee & more) and other series. Their developments were used by companies such as Chrysler even after their demise.


logo American

American was the name of several unrelated car models and projects developed and built from 1899 until 20s. Of them, the 1917 model by American Cyclecar was likely the most successful – sold in some thousands across America.

American Underslung

logo American Underslung

Underslung was a flagman of the American Motor Car Company that operated in 1900-10s. Apart from this luxury, high-class model, they didn’t produce many more cars. Underslung was very expensive and only found a handful of buyers.


Amherst (also known as ‘Canadian Two in One’) was one of the first Canadian cars. It was released in 1911 in Amherstburg, hence the name. The most notable quality of this car is that it could be converted into a truck at any moment by repositioning the hull.


logo Amilcar

Amilcar was a French automotive company that existed in 1921-1939. It was famous for its successful series of namesake cars, which were mostly sports variants or mid-sized passenger vehicles. They enjoyed relatively high sales until the war broke out.


logo Amphicar

Amphicar was a German project of an amphibious car produced in the 60s. Its primary quality was that it could move on water. The reviews show that it exhibited average performance both on land and water.


logo Amuza

Amuza was an Australian car produced mostly in Perth in 1996-2003. It was a high-performance limousine with several variations, and it seems they used Ford Falcon and other Ford vehicles as foundation.


logo Anadol

Anadol was a Turkish line of compact passenger cars produced in 1966-1991 by Otosan. It was one of the first car models produced in large quantities in this country, which is why it still enjoys popularity as a people’s car. A bronze deer on a blue circle was Anadol’s long-time emblem.


logo Anasagasti

Anasagsti was an Argentine car constructed by H. Anasagasti in 1912. These were produced until 1914, won some prizes, became famous for their high performance, but were soon discontinued.


logo Andino

Andino was a brand of sports coupes from Argentina. The first model was produced in 1967, but by 1978 the production was stopped.


logo Andre
Andre was a high-performance car, produced in England in the 30s. Only a few were made, and it didn’t go much further than that.


logo Ansaldo

Ansaldo was an Italian engineering company in 1853-1993. They produced some passenger cars, especially in their later years, but the company is rather better known as a producer of military vehicles for Italy in the earlier years.

Anteros Coachworks

logo Anteros Coachworks

Anteros Coachworks is an American car model produced in 2005. It’s basically a Chevrolet Corvette (C6), but with a more powerful, supercharged engine. They were produced for several years and saw some success.

Anziel Nova

Anziel Nova is a prototype created in New Zealand in 1967. It’s a compact passenger car that was meant for a regular consumer, although it didn’t work out and the concepts were given over to Otosan.


logo Apal

Apal is a Belgian automotive company founded in 1961. In 1998, the company moved to Germany, although the product line stayed the same. They have always been making passenger coupes, many of which made with Volkswagen parts.


logo Apollo

Apollo is a minor German car manufacturer created in 2004. Formerly known as Gumpert, they are famous for creating extremely powerful sports cars that can be driven in urban environment.


logo Apperson

Apperson is a brand of American touring cars produced in 1901-26. There were two models, but both were considered luxury high-performance cars.


logo Aprilla

Aprilla is a major producer of motorcycles from Italy. The company has been active since 1945, and for much of this history the bulk of their products were sports motorcycles, bicycles and mopeds. Aprilla is particularly known as an avid motorsport participant with many prizes.


C.AR (formerly, ARCO) was a Green automotive company established in the 60s. They didn’t produce any functioning cars, but there have been plenty of sports and generally passenger variations.


Arab was a British car produced by the namesake company in 1926-28. Only a handful of these were manufactured. These cars were supposed to provide somewhat a ahigh performance for a relatively affordable price.

Arab American Vehicles

logo Arab American Vehicles

Arab American Vehicles is an Egyptian engineering company created in 1977. It was established as a venture that would specifically build AMC cars (Humvees and jeeps) for Egypt. Later, they acquired licenses from German, American and Asian companies, as well.


logo Arash

Arash Motor Company is a supercar producer from Britain established in 1999. They’ve produced a total of 4 models as of 2021, and each is produced only in single digits every year – many for the purpose of competing in motorsport.


logo Argyll

Argyll was a Scottish car brand manufactured in 1899-1932, and later resurrected in the 70s. They mostly made touring and generally passenger cars. The second phase was more about supercar building. They had plenty of models made in their time, and the business was moderately successful business-wise in its prime.


logo Ariel

Ariel Motor Company is a carmaker established in 1991. They make supercars and motorcycles in low volumes. These cars participate in motorsport but haven’t won any worthwhile prizes yet.


logo Arista

Arista is a French auto released in 1956. It’s a touring cabriolet, whose various versions were sold in some hundreds.

Armstrong Siddeley

logo Armstrong Siddeley

Armstrong Siddeley was a British company that made cars, as well as produced parts for aircraft and military vehicles. It was active in 1919-60. Most of their products include a variety of luxury coupe cars and some touring models.


logo Arnolt

Arnolt was a Chicago-based car producer in the 50-60s. They’ve produced a handful of high-performance, high-class modifications of Bertone and Aston Martin vehicles – sometimes in one.


logo ARO

Auto Romania (aka ARO) was a Romanian manufacturer of SUVs and off-road autos. It was established in 1957 and dissolved in 2006, over which period they’ve produced a number of cars with many variations.


logo Arola

Arola SARL is a line of microcars produced in 1975-83. There were several models, but all were fitted with a one-cylinder engine and made to be lightweight and compact. There were several varieties to choose from, including several tricycles.


logo Arrinera

Arrinera is a Polish car manufacturer established in 2008. Since then, they’ve created one fully-fledged car called Arrinera Hussarya, which is a racing vehicle. There are also several prototypes of the same sort.


logo Arrol-Johnson

Arrol-Johnson was an automotive company from Scotland. It’s prominent for creating the first drivable British car in 1895. They’ve created a lot more models since then until the business’ dissolution in 1931.


logo Artega

Artega Automobile is a German producer of sports cars established in 2006. Many of their cars are completely electric, and that includes 4 supercar models and 1 compact electric vehicle. Their emblem is a shield depicting cranberries and an undefined beast.


logo Arden

Arden is an early British car manufactured in 1912-1916. The latest version had a 4-cylinder engine and was readily drivable, but wasn’t commercially viable.


logo ASA

ASA was a short-lived Italian carmaker. Their flagman was a famous ASA 1000 GT – a compact passenger vehicle. There were also other models, but this one is by far the most successful.


logo Asahi

Asahi was a Japanese car produced in 1937-39. It was a light passenger vehicle with a modest engine. The car didn’t see much success.

Ascari Cars Ltd.

logo Ascari Cars

Ascari was a brand of sports cars and racing cars from Britain. It was established in 1994 and went broke by 2010. By that time, 9 drivable models were created, many specifically for motorsport.


logo ASL


ASPA was a Czechoslovak car brand that operated in 1924-1929. During this period, they’ve developed 3 known car models – all using contemporary 4-cylinder engines.

Aspark Owl

logo Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl is a Japanese electric sports car. It first entered development in 2017, but the production commenced in 2020. It’s supposed to be the fastest electric supercar of its time.


logo Aster

Aster was a British car designed in 1922 and produced until 1930. They had several variations of this car, some equipped with powerful 6-cylinder engines.


logo Astra

Astra is an Italian manufacturer of trucks and heavy utility vehicles active since 1946. A lot of them use engines or parts developed by their parent company, Iveco.


logo Asuna

Asuna was a Canadian firm that bought ready-made cars from Suzuki, Daewoo and Isuzu and sold them in the home market under new brands. They operated in 1992-1994 and left just 3 models.


logo ASMA
ASMA is a car design company, established in the 1990s. They mainly create body designs for Mercedes cars.

Aton Impulse

logo Aton Impulse

Aton Impulse is a Russian manufacturer of amphibious SUVs designed for rough terrain. They seem to be very effective, but expensive. These vehicles are usually named as some version of ‘Aton Viking’.


logo ATS

Automobil Turismo e Sport (ATS) was an Italian manufacturer of motorsport cars, active in 1962-1965. The brand was also resurrected in 2012 with the new ATS GT supercar.


logo Attica

Attica was a Greek automotive project lead by the local fiberglass manufacturer. The most prominent exemplar was the 1958 microcar called ‘model 101’. There were also several compact car projects that went nowhere.


logo Auburn

Auburn Automobile was an American car manufacturer of pre-Depression period. They constructed several touring luxury cars in 1900-1937 but eventually went under.

Aurica Motors

logo Aurica Motors

Aurica is a firm that manufactures drivetrains for electric cars since 2010. Tesla and Toyota both buy parts from this company, which proves crucial for these two brands.


logo Aurus

Aurus Motors is a Russian brand of premium cars active since 2018. They mainly sell versions of the same luxury ‘Senat’ car, most meant for businessmen and officials.


Austin Logo

Austin Motor Company was a British automotive firm in 1905-1952. They mostly made affordable cars and touring exemplars. During the WW2, they were also tasked with making aircraft parts.


logo Autech

Autech is a Japanese company established in 1986. Since then, their primary activity was various modifications of Nissan cars, including upgrades and versions for specific needs.

Australian Motor Industries

logo Australian Motor Industries

Australian Motor Industries was a major car manufacturer in 1926-87. Throughout their existence, they mainly assembled foreign cars for use by Australians. At first, these were British cars, then German vehicles, then Toyota models.

Australian Six

logo Australian Six

Australian Six is an early Australian car developed in 1915. It was manufactured until 1925 using from American companies until the business went under.


logo Authi

Authi was a Spanish car producer that operated in 60-70s. Their products included copies of various British cars, built for Spanish buyers.


logo Autobianchi

Autobianchi mainly produced compact passenger cars in Italy from 1955 to 1995. The company only built about a dozen cars, many of which had mixed success.


logo Autobleu

Autobleu was a French project of a high performance car. It was produced in 1950-71, which included a peculiar motorsport version called ‘750 MM’ with a rocket-shaped design.

Autocars Co. Ltd.

logo Autocars Co. Ltd

Autocars was an Israeli automotive company, which created 7 compact car models from 1957 to 1970. Many were based off the foreign cars, including Triumphs and Fords.

Autokinitoviomihania Ellados

Autokinitoviomihania Ellados was a Greek car manufacturer that operated in 1975-1984. Their only creation was a compact car called Poker 126.


Automeccanica built cars in Greece from 1979 to 1995. It included compact passenger cars – namely, the renowned Zebra model and some modified Soviet vehicles.

Auto Union

logo Auto Union

Before Audi became Audi in 1949, it was known as Auto Union. It bore its name since 1932 on account of it being a collection of four German carmakers, including Audi proper.


logo Autovia

Autovia was a model of massive premium cars produced in Britain in 1935-38. They were very expensive, and only a handful of these were made.


logo Auverland

Auverland is a French company that largely makes military cars since 1980. They also had civilian SUVs made throughout their history, but these were largely footnotes.


logo Avanti

DC Avanti is an Indian supercar created by DC Design and manufactured by them in 2012-2016. It’s known for its superior exterior and inferior (to most modern cars) characteristics.


logo Avia

Avia is a Czech company that exists since 1919. Before the end of the WW2, they mostly made planes (hence the name). Nowadays, they are big on heavy trucks, vans and utility vehicles.


logo AvtoVaz

AvtoVAS (also VAZ) is a major Russian car producer. They exist since 1966, and are widely known for their cheap, massively-produced cars for popular use.


logo AWZ

AWZ Zwickau is a compact car built in East Germany in 1955. VEB Sachsenring produced them for several years until replacing them with better-built Trabant models.


logo AZLK

AZLK, better known as ‘Moskvitch’, was a Russian car brand in 1929-2010. They are mostly famous for the line of small sedans called ‘Moskvitch’. These cars were considered more expensive than most available to people then.

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