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Charlotte Russe is the fashion retailer brand from the USA which was founded in 1975 and specializes in teenagers and young women’s clothing and accessories. Today the brand has over 500 retail locations across the country.

Meaning and history

Charlotte Russe Logo history

Before 2010

Charlotte Russe Logo old

2010 – Today

Charlotte Russe Logo
The Charlotte Russe visual identity is a perfect reflection of the brand’s audience — young ladies. The text-based logo boasts smooth bold lines and bright pink color with white accents.

The wordmark set in two levels featured lowercase lettering in a thick sans-serif typeface, where the letters are placed too close to each other, that some are even overlapping.

The pink color of the nameplate is complemented by the white outline of the letters, which makes the logo look lighter and fresher.

The Charlotte Russe wordmark is instantly recognizable due to the intensity of the color palette one the boldness of the typeface. It looks young and energetic, celebrating the teenage spirit and bright fashion style.