DC Comics Logo

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DC Comics Logo
DC Comics is the name of the publishing company, owned by Warner Bros. Group. One of the oldest comics publishers was established in 1934 and gave birth to dozens of legendary characters, including Batman, Joker, and Superman.

Meaning and history

DC Comics Logo history

The name of the famous published is an abbreviation for Detective Comics, which was the first name for the iconic superhero, Batman. Though the company was established in 1934, its first logo was introduced only in 1940, placed on the cover of the comics. Since that time the DC logo is a quality mark for the world’s comics industry and an iconic symbol of the superheroes era.
The original logo for the publisher was composed of a double circle, there “DC” letters were placed in the middle, outlined in black, and “A Publication” inscription in black capitals was located around the emblem’s perimeter. It was a simple badge, which was slightly changed in two years. In 1949 the color was added, now it was a black, red and white badge, reflecting passion and power.
The most colorful version of the logo was created in 1970 and boasted a picture of the Superman and a yellow rectangle under it with the wordmark in black.
The current DC logo, designed in 2016, is based on the version of 1972, where only two bold letters were placed inside a thin circle outline.
The color palette of the publisher’s visual identity was set in 1976 when the company started using blue and white for its logo. Throughout the years the blue changed its shades from dark to light and finally stopped on the bright blue for both letters and frames. However in 2012, there was an attempt to adopt a black and blue color scheme, but this didn’t last long.
During the company’s history, starts were often placed on the badge, in order to accent on the superhero theme. But the last version of the logo is simple and minimalist.
The blue and white color palette reflects professionalism and expertise, along with creativity and imagination. It is bright and fresh, evoking a sense of freedom and speed.
The DC logo is known all over the globe, and even when it is changed or used in the different color palettes, it still stands for colorful comics and legendary characters, loved by kids and adults worldwide.


The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a bold custom serif typeface, with unique recognizable lines and playful contours of the inner part of both letters. There are sharp delicate curves, reflecting energy, innovations, and courage.