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The embodiment of the prepster lifestyle, the Vineyard Vines brand was created in 1998 in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, by Shep and Ian Murray.

Meaning and history

Logo Vineyard Vines

Many years later, when the two brothers achieved financial success, they explained the motives that had led them to creating their own brand in the following way: “We decided that commuting to New York City wasn’t for us”. They were eager to leave behind their desks in Manhattan and get closer to the ocean.

The Vineyard Vines logo seems to reflect the mood and the value system perfectly. The whale is smiling as if to remind us of all the happy things in life.


Vineyard Vines Symbol

The full version of the logo includes two parts: a stylized smiling whale on the top and the words “vineyard vines” below. The text is given in a lowercase typeface.

Emblem controversy with Rehoboth Lifestyle

Vineyard Vines Emblem

In 2015, the company filed a lawsuit against Rehoboth Lifestyle Clothing Co. claiming that the emblem featured on their tops and sweatshirts looked too much like their own trademark. In fact, there was much truth in this claim as the Rehoboth whale actually could be mistaken for the Vineyard Vines logo.


Font Vineyard Vines Logo

The font seen in the wordmark is called Mrs Eaves XL Serif. The typeface was published by the digital type foundry Émigré established in 1984 by Zuzana Licko and Rudy VanderLans. The author of the font was Zuzana Licko.


Color Vineyard Vines Logo

Typically, the Vineyard Vines logo features two colors. The whale itself is given in a comparatively discreet shade of pink, while the outline and the text below the emblem are navy blue. The background is white. However, other versions are also possible. For instance, in case the background is dark blue, the lettering becomes white, and the whale has a white outline in addition to the navy blue one.

Sometimes the wordmark may stand on its own. In these cases, the letters are navy blue, while the background is pink.