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Twisted Sister is the name of an American band, performing heavy metal music style. It was created in 1972 by John Segall, also known as Jay Jay French.

Meaning and history

The Twisted Sister’s original name was Silver Star, and it was changed in 1973 by Michael O’Neil. The band’s ironic and memorable name is accompanied by a strong and confident logotype.

The typeface of the Twisted Sister logo is bold and geometric, with straight and thick lines, sharp angles and remarkable letters “T” and “S”, which make the whole nameplate unique.

“T” and “S” also form a band’s emblem, which looks like a rhombus with a horizontal line on its top.

Twisted Sister emblem

The color palette of the Twisted Sister logo varies from bright pink to black on a white background. These both color schemes are a powerful reflection of the band’s passion for music and their confidence.

Twisted Sister logo

It is a very strong and recognizable signature, which evokes a sense of freedom and masculinity, as well as a progressive approach.