Avon Logo

avon logo

Avon is a world-famous manufacturer and direct-seller of a variety of goods, including, but not limited to, personal care products for women (cosmetics, perfume, etc.). Founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell and named the California Perfume Company, it still continues to evolve and make its straightforward AVON logo conspicuous in our everyday life.

Logo history

Avon Logo history

David was a passionate William Shakespeare fan, and in 1928 he went to Stratford upon Avon, the great playwright’s home city. After David’s death in 1937, David McConnell the junior (the founder’s son) named the company itself Avon in memory of his father. The Avon logo was first introduced in 1932 and underwent several transformations during the following four years. The logo’s current version has been around since the 1980s, and it continues to showcase the brand’s products on packaging, flyers and booklets until now.


avon symbol

The Avon logo is highly minimalistic and comprises only two colors: pink and black. Pink symbolizes gentleness, youth, bright mood, and femininity, while black stands for high quality, elegance, and perfection.