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For most of the company’s history, the most distinctive element of the Samsung logo was a three star pattern. It reflected the origin of the brand’s name, which means “tri-star” in the Korean language.

Meaning and History logo

Samsung Logo history
The brand was created in 1938, but its operation was rather modest, so the need for a logo actually did not arise. By 1958, however, it was obvious that Samsung needed its own insignia. The logo featured 3 stars, 3 stripes and wheat plants inside a circle shape. The stars were connected with the name of the company, while the wheat plants emphasized its agricultural roots.
With the introduction of the brand’s first black and white television in the 1960s the need for a logo update became obvious. Although the new emblem was based on the same visual metaphor – three stars in a circle – it looked different, cleaner. Also, a wordmark appeared next to the symbol.
The Samsung logo introduced in the 1980s looked more up-to-date. The lines became sharper; the negative space was successfully used.


The original logo was pretty cluttered and bore nothing in common with the current Samsung logo. You could see three stars, three stripes, and wheat plants inside a circle.


The stars adopted a more refined and unique shape. The emblem now looked more abstract and less cluttered. Next to it, the lettering “Samsung” in black was placed.


The circle and the square, in which the stars had been placed on the previous emblem, disappeared. There were now only the stars and the brand name, which was given in shorter letters.


The star design was also used as a standalone emblem. In this case, the symbol was enlarged so that every detail could be clearly seen.


The emblem featuring the three stars remained unchanged, while the wordmark was slightly modified. In comparison with the previous one, it looked somewhat bolder and shorter.


This is the year when the current Samsung logo was born. You can see the now-familiar bold sans serif letters inside a blue ellipse. What is most important, the iconic “A” without the horizontal bar appears on this version.


The design team decided to dismiss the ellipse. Today, both the ellipse logo and the logo without the ellipse are used. One of them is a primary logo, while the other is a secondary one.

Current symbol

symbol Samsung
The current Samsung logo was unveiled in 1993. Its introduction was a part of the new approach, which was reflected in the “Quality First” slogan and also included introduction of new company policies on the factories.
The language chosen for the emblem, English, emphasizes the brand’s global presence. The stars that were present in the earlier versions of the logo are gone. The symbol comprises a dark blue oval shape and the wordmark. The oval shape tilted at a 10-degree angle is supposed to represent the world moving through space. The first and the last characters go outside the borders of the oval.

Audio emblem

emblem Samsung
Samsung is one of the companies that, in addition to a visual logotype, have an audio logo. The author of the melody is an Austrian composer Walter Werzowa. It was recorded by the Los Angeles-based music and sound design production company Musikvergnuegen. The audio logo comprises the notes E♭, A♭, D♭, E♭.

Galaxy logo

samsung galaxy logoThe logotype of the Samsung Galaxy range including several types of mobile computing devices has undergone several updates since it was first introduced in 2009. The current Samsung Galaxy logo features the company wordmark given in the same typeface as on any other Samsung’s appliance or device, while the word “Galaxy” features a different font.

The Samsung logo, which keeps the “three stars” of success and prosperity, has its roots hidden in the title. In translation from Korean Sam means “3” (extra-digital meaning is “greatness” and “multiplicity”). Sung is translated as “stars” (“success”, “diversity”). Indeed, before becoming the world’s technological leader, Samsung used to sell products, insurance services, and it also processed food products.


Font Samsung LogoThe wordmark features a customized typeface, which may be a version of either the Helvetica Black or the DDT Cond SemiBold font. The distinctive feature of the type is the letter “A”, which is given without the usual horizontal bar. This reflects the constant strive for innovation that is characteristic for the brand.


Color Samsung Logo
The color scheme is quite simple. In addition to the basic color, white, it includes a dark shade of blue. In fact, blue has been present in some versions of the Samsung logo since the 1960s. Also, some of the earlier versions of the logo include red, black, and grey.