Pfizer Logo

Pfizer Logo

The earliest Pfizer logo was designed by Gene Grossman in 1987. Since then, the emblem went through a couple of minor changes.

Pfizer Logo Meaning and history

Logo Pfizer

Today, the logo features a white wordmark in an elliptical shape, which is placed not exactly horizontally, but at a slight angle.

Author of Pfizer symbol

pfizer symbolAs mentioned above, the original Pfizer symbol was created by Gene Grossman. Grossman has supervised branding solutions for many global companies, from NY Stock Exchange to Hilton Hotels. After more than three decades of operating his own design agency, he became an employee at Siegel+Gale, and then moved to Brandlogic (2007).

Font of the Pfizer Logo

Font Pfizer Logo

The way the letter “f” cuts the ellipse shape, in which the wordmark is contained, is one of the most distinctive features of the wordmark.

Color of the Pfizer Logo

Color Pfizer Logo

Pfizer color palette is pretty simple, yet impressive. The shade of blue, called Pfizer Blue, is complemented with black and white. It is a custom-made color created by Pantone, Inc. and has the number 285 within the Pantone Matching System.

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