GE Logo

GE Logo
For more than 125 years of its history, the GE logo has remained basically the same.  So far, there have been only subtle modifications.

Meaning and History logo

GE Logo history

General Electrics was established in 1992 by four co-founders. Its earliest logotype featured intertwined letters “G” and “E” (the company’s initials) in a beautiful cursive script. Elegant and refined as it was, the logotype obviously lacked legibility. The flaw was probably the reason why a new version was developed in 1900.

Iconic symbol is born

GE symbol
The 1900 logo preserved the elegant cursive letters of its predecessor, while being more legible. It was placed in a circle with “loops” creating the illusion of motion.

The 2006 emblem

GE emblem
The 2006 redesign was developed by the brand agency Wolff Olins boasting 50+ years of history and 150+ in-house designers. In addition to minor modifications of the shape, there was also a new light blue color palette introduced.


While the logo itself was drawn by hand, GE does have a set of custom corporate fonts, including GE Sans, GE Serif, and GE Inspira.