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The official name of the American retail chain working under the Lowe’s brand is Lowe’s Companies, Inc. As of 2019, the chain includes over 2,000 home improvement and hardware stores located in the United States and Canada. The headquarters are located in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Meaning and history

Lowe’s Logo history

1955 – 1965

Lowe’s Logo-1955
The brand used a wordmark logo in red, which was replaced by a dark blue wordmark in 1965.

1965 – Today

Lowe’s Logo-1965
The new color palette was adopted for the Lowe’s visual identity in 1965. The logotype was set in the uppercase of a fancy custom sans-serif typeface, with the smooth thick lines of the letters, and the first “L” enlarged. The new color palette of the logo was based on a dark yet calm shade of blue, the color, which reflects such senses as reliability, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

1997 – 2008

Lowe’s Logo-1997In 1997, the company introduced a four-color logo based on a house emblem. Here, the dark blue house, which can be seen on the current emblem, had a bright red and grey outlines. While the four-color version was a primary one, you could also come across a version where grey and red weren’t used.

2008 – Today

Lowe’s Logo

Another important difference from the current Lowe’s logo was the text “Home Improvement Warehouse,” which could be seen right under the name of the brand, within the house emblem. Sometimes, one more tagline was added, “Improving Home Improvement.” The tagline was given in black and placed below the house.

Primary symbol

Lowe’s symbol

The basic shape of the logo, a house, gives a hint as to what specialization the company has. Inside the dark blue building, the lettering “Lowe’s” can be seen. With a stretch, the glyphs can be interpreted as windows.

Emblem versions

Lowe’s emblem

While the house emblem can be used as a standalone logo, the brand also has an extended version. Here, the house is accompanied by the text “Never stop improving,” which is placed either under the main emblem (horizontal logo) or below it (vertical logo). Whatever the position, the tagline is given in light blue, which creates a soft contrast with the dark blue of the main emblem.


Lowe’s brand logo

While the company’s brand guidelines name Avenir the main corporate font, the tagline on the logo appears to be based on a somewhat different type. Although it looks as legible and versatile as Avenir, the glyphs are slightly different. For instance, you can notice that the “G” on the wordmark has a rounded lower angle.

What about the type used for the word “Lowe’s”? It looks completely different than the rest of the logo. The shape of the “O” is closer to a rectangle, which makes it resemble a window – a perfect fit for the house logo. The slightly unusual shape of the “w,” in its turn, appears to have been inspired by the distinctive “O.”



The dark shade of blue featured on the Lowe’s logo (corporate blue) goes under the number 280 in the Pantone system (RGB: 0, 73, 144). The light blue (secondary blue) is PMS 3005.

Did Lowe’s change its logo?
The Lowe’s retail chain has changed its logo several times throughout the years, with the first badge introduced in 1955, and replaced in 1965. The second version of the Lowe’s logo was redesigned in 1997, introducing a solid blue banner with a shape of a warehouse. The latest redesign of the Lowe’s badge was held in 2008.

What color is Lowe’s?
The official color palette of Lowe’s visual identity is composed of blue and white. These shades can be seen not only on the Lowe’s banner; but also in the design of its stores, and the uniform of its workers. Until 208 the color palette of the chain also contained red, making it up to a traditional patriotic tricolor.

What was Lowe’s old slogan?
The current Lowe’s slogan “Home to Any Possibility” has replaced the old motto of the company, “Do it Right for Less. Start at Lowe’s”, used by the company for two years, from 2019 to 2021. Before that, Lowe’s has another slogan written on its banners — “Never Stop Improving”.

Why is the Lowe’s logo blue?
Before the latest redesign of the Lowe’s badge in 2008, the visual identity of the company was based on a very patriotic blue, white and red color palette, which reflected the spirit of the company and the value of its historical heritage. However, in 2008 the colony eliminated red from the concept, keeping the palette in blue and white, a combination, standing for professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness.