Boeing Logo

boeing logo
Boeing is one of the world’s top aircraft manufacturers, whose airplanes are used worldwide. Established in 1916, today the company boasts a staff of more than 165,000 employees.

Logo history

Boeing Logo history

The company’s first logo was designed and introduced in 1928, and it featured a vertical winged “totem”. It continued until 1947, and then it was replaced by the company name written in the Stratotype font with a star-dotted ‘i’. Airplane model numbers were also written in this font. Since then and until 1997, the logo font underwent numerous modifications. The protracted and somewhat jittery search for a new logo design pretty much dulled the logo’s effect.


boeing symbol
In 1997, Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas, its competitor, whose symbol – a sphere with a ring around it – was added to the Boeing logo. The new design belongs to Rick Eiber, a celebrated American graphic designer. Now the Boeing logo combines the sphere and the company name, which is written in the modern Stratotype typerface. The letters are colored in bright blue to symbolize sky. The logo itself expresses the company’s determination to reach new heights, excellence, and bright future.