Skype Logo

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Skype Logo
Skype is one of the companies that managed to get to the top in a relatively short period of time. Its logo has not changed much except for a slight alteration of the color scheme.

Meaning and history

Skype logo history

Skype was founded in 2003 by two entrepreneurs Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis and used the software designed by three engineers from Estonia. The earliest version of the instant messaging app was launched in summer the same year.


Symbol Skype
The earliest Skype logo looked almost the same as the current one except for the 3D effect applied to the cloud shape, on which the word “Skype” appears. In 2012, shortly after the acquisition by Microsoft, the background the 3D effect disappeared, color scheme became simpler, it was reduced to white and one shade of blue.

The “S” emblem

emblem Skype
In addition to the wordmark logo Skype has a simple emblem that is used as its icon. In fact, the earliest Skype icon looked very different from what it is now. First, it was a small yellow “cloud” (2003), then a white rectangular inside a blue rectangular (2003), than a more complex image built out of several circles (2004). However, all these logos did not last long, and as soon late 2004 the now-familiar “S” emblem was introduced. It had almost the same shape as the one used today, but proportions were slightly different. Also, the color scheme was altered and new visual effects applied. Today, the icon comprises the white “S” character against the light blue background with a 3D effect.


Font Skype Logo
The Skype wordmark is based on the font Arial Rounded MT Bold typeface. This font was designed by Robin Nicholas in 1993.


Color Skype Logo
The color palette includes white and a clean, light shade of blue. There are two possible versions:

  • the brand’s name given in white is surrounded by a blue cloud
  • the inverted color scheme: the word “Skype” (blue) is given against a white cloud placed into a rectangular shape (blue).