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Vimeo is a video sharing online platform, which was launched in 2004 in the United States. Today the service has millions of subscribers all over the world and is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms, competitions with YouTube.

Meaning and history

Vimeo Logo history

2004 — 2005

Vimeo Logo 2004

2005 — 2006

Vimeo Logo 2005

2006 — Today

Vimeo logo

The simple text-based Vimeo logo is very friendly and instantly recognizable all over the world.

The Vimeo wordmark in all the lowercase letters is executed in a bold cursive typeface, which is similar to the Black Rose font, created by Bright Ideas agency.

“V” and “I” of the inscription are placed close together, while the other three letters have enough space between them. It accents on the video specialization if the platform and make the logo more playful.

The smooth sleek lines of the lettering look welcoming and kind in a light blue signature Vimeo color. Placed on a white background, it creates a good bright contrast.

The Vimeo logo is a reflection of a reliable and safe company, which aims to provide its users with the best services in sharing and storing video files. The color palette of the Vimeo logo evokes a sense of lightness and freedom, showing the brand as creative and energetic.