Oral B Logo

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While the basic structure of the Oral B logo has not changed that much since 1950, the type and the palette have been modified not less than four times.

Meaning and history

Oral B Logo history


Oral B Logo-1950

The lettering “Oral B” features a script inspired by handwriting. You can see the word “Toothbrush” below.


Oral B Logo-1965

The elliptic shape is preserved, but it grows much lighter. The handwritten script is replaced by a simpler type. It is very thin and light.


Oral B Logo-1980

The wordmark grows much bolder and is italicized. The shade of blue becomes somewhat darker.


Oral B Logo

The 3D effect is added.

Font and color

The famous and recognizable Oral B logotype is executed in a traditional bold Sans-serif typeface, with a single modified detail, which makes the whole emblem unique and eye-catching. The lowercase “R” merges into the neighborhood “A” in their upper points, which created a sense of wholeness and unity. The sleek italicized Oral B wordmark is executed in a font, which is very similar to Europa Grotesk Nr 2 SH Ultra Bold Italic.

The white and blue color palette of the Oral B logo perfectly represents the purpose of the brand and its focus on mouth-care products, evoking a sense of freshness and protection. The combination of these shades also represents the brand as a professional and trustworthy one, making the customer feel at the center of the company’s value system.