American Express Logo

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american express logo
The American Express was founded in 1850 in New York, and now it is one of the world’s top joint stock companies. Over its history, it has placed great emphasis on logo design.

Logo history

American Express Logo history

The company’s first logo featured an image of a gladiator on a shield. Later, the original design was replaced with a simpler one to symbolize trust and striving for perfection.


american express symbol

The logo’s current minimalistic and robust design was accepted in 1975. It reflects clear and bright future and looks very straightforward and distinguishable.

Shape and colors

colors american express logo

The logo is a blue square with the company’s name inside it written in caps. The simple design attracts clients and contributes to the company’s success. There are only two colors: sky blue and white. The letters and banded in white, which makes the name more prominent. Blue emphasizes excellence, high spirits, freedom, and optimism. It is the combination of blue and white that creates a feeling of promising future and inspires clients to make an investment.