Dell Logo

Dell Logo
The original Dell logo created in 1984 featured the company name in a simple serif font. Five years later, the iconic “slanted E” emblem appeared. According to the company, it was a visual representation of Michael Dell’s wish to “turn the world on its ear”. The emblem featured solid letters in dark blue color.
dell symbol

The next logo update took place in 2010, when a circular outline appeared around the wordmark. In 2016, following the merger with EMC Corporation, Dell modified its logotype once again. The typeface acquired a thinner look. However, the very shape of the letters, including the slanted “E” stayed unchanged.
Dell logo history

The 2016 symbol

In addition to the new typeface, the 2016 Dell symbol features a slightly different color. For the majority of the customers, the change probably passed unnoticed, yet if you put the emblems side by side, you will see that the new logo uses a lighter shade of blue.
Logo Dell