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The Unilever logo features a big blue “U”, the company’s initial. The letter comprises several icons each having its unique connection with the business.

Meaning and history

Unilever Logo history

Though the history of Unilever starts in 1929, its first logo was created only in 1967 and got redesigned just once, in 2004. This is a truly impressive consistency for such a large company, which tells a lot about its stability, fundamental approach, and quality-centrism.

1967 – 2004

Unilever Logo 1967

The very first Unilever logo, created in 1967, featured a pleasant and delightful blue and white color palette, which looked fresh, bright, and very friendly. It was a combination of a bold and eye-catching emblem, and a delicate traditional logotype, placed under it. The emblem depicted a stylized letter “U”, which has the edged of its vertical lines triangular, looking like arrows. The vertical bars of the “U” resembled two towers and looked powerful and elegant.

As for the logotype, it was written in the title case of a sleek and slightly extended serif typeface, which added stability and confidence to the image.

2004 – Today

Unilever logo

The redesign of the Unilever identity was held by Wolff Olins in 2004. The only thing that remained untouched was the structure — an enlarged “U” above the wordmark, though all other elements were redrawn. First of all, the color palette was elevated and the blue now gained a darker and brighter shade. Secondly, the “U” gained rounded contours and its body was formed by 25 small images, symbolizing all the directions the company works in. And, finally, the logotype. It was completely changed and now is executed in a handwritten cursive with smooth rounded lines, looking modern, yet friendly.

Symbol meaning

unilever symbolOne more Unilever symbol is a bee, which symbolizes creative work, pollination, as well as environmental challenges. The double helix emblem is used a genetic blueprint of life, as well as the life’s smallest ingredient and a symbol of health.