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One of the most popular social networking services, LinkedIn was created as a means of professional communication for people all around the globe. One of the main aims of the service is to help the users in finding jobs and employees.

Meaning and history

LinkedIn Logo history
LinkedIn positions its self as a serious web portal, and the history of its visual identity is one of the proofs to it. The iconic logo was redesigned just twice in almost twenty years of the website’s existence, and the style and composition we all can see today is a modified version of the original emblem, introduced in 2003.

What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a social network for business communication, finding employees, and opening jobs. Users can post their resumes and detailed work experiences, and companies can post descriptive profiles that will show personal profiles from employees as well.

2003 – 2011

LinkedIn Logo 2003

The original LinkedIn logo was composed of a black “Linked” lettering with a solid blue square on its right, where the white “in” in the lowercase was placed. The bold and confident sans-serif typeface of the nameplate was very similar to such fonts as Radiate Sans Bold and LCT Picón Bold. The black, blue, and white color palette of the logo represented the professionalism, seriousness, and reliability of the web-portal.

2011 – 2019

LinkedIn Logo 2011

The redesign of 2011 only changed the typeface of the logotype, keeping the original composition and concept, along with its color palette. The font of the renewed LinkedIn inscription was Avenir Pro, with a bit thinner lines than on the previous version, and the traditional timeless shapes.

2019 – 2021

LinkedIn Logo 2019
In 2019 the LinkedIn logo was redesigned for the second time, and now the only change was about the logo’s color palette. The black “Linked” inscription today is colored in the same shade of blue, as the square with the rounded angles, placed on the right from the lettering. In comparison to the previous version, the typeface was slightly refined and the dots above the letters “I” are now placed at a bigger distance from the vertical bars.

2021 – Today

Linkedin logo

The redesign of 2021 has only played with the shade of blue on the recognizable and strict LinkedIn badge. The color got more intense and deep, creating a stronger contrast with the white elements, and making the contours of the characters look cleaner and straighter. The new color palette evokes a sense of stability and trustworthiness, along with professionalism and determination.


Symbol LinkedIn

The LinkedIn symbol looks absolutely up-to-date and leaves a “web 2.0” impression. Such a logo could have hardly been created in the previous century.

The wordmark comprises of the words “Linked” and “in”. There is a barely noticeable spacing in between the two words. The word “in” is placed in a blue square shape with rounded angles. “Linked” is given in black, while “in” is negative (white).

“Short” emblem

LinkedIn emblem

In some cases there’s a need to “reduce” the logo. For instance, if there’s not too much space or the space has a square shape, or it is important to make the logo more readable. In such situations, the word “Linked” is omitted, and only “in” stays. For instance, this approach was used for LinkedIn-branded chocolates, which were square in shape.


As the purpose of the famous online portal, its visual identity is based on the principles of professionalism, seriousness, and progressiveness. The blue and white color palette shows LinkedIn as a company with a strong position and traditional values, which can be implemented in all processes, including innovative ones.

The LinkedIn icon is composed of a solid blue circle or square with rounded angles and two white “in” letters in the lowercase, written in the same typeface as the main official logo.

As for the changes and redesigns, here everything was pretty quiet and surprise less. Same concept, which was only strengthened and cleaned. Some things do not need dramatic lines or acid color to look stylish and sleek.

LinkedIn icon 1 LinkedIn icon 2 LinkedIn icon 3 LinkedIn icon 4 LinkedIn icon 5


Font of the LinkedIn Logo

The type used in the LinkedIn wordmark is called Source Sans. It can be utilized to communicate any message that has to do with the company. Although the Source Sans font exists in a number of weights, the company recommends to opt for “Light” or “Semi-bold” versions. Also, if you need to communicate key brand messages in longer texts, it is acceptable to use the Source Serif or Source Code types.


Color of the LinkedIn Logo

The corporate palette comprises three colors: blue, black, and white. The shade of blue, which is called LinkedIn Blue, is the core of the brand’s identity. There may be several reasons why the company opted for blue. One of them is definitely that many people unconsciously associate it with networking and communication via Internet (note Facebook’s choice of colors, for instance). Also, there were top managers from PayPal among LinkedIn creators, so it’s only natural that the color close to the PayPal blue was chosen.

In addition to this, psychological symbolism of blue involves such virtues as intellect, authority, power, and success, all of which resonate with the brand’s identity.

Can I use the LinkedIn logo on my website?
You can not use the LinkedIn logo on your website, as the company does not permit it. However, the LinkedIn icon with the link to your professional account on the platform can be used on your website. Just like the icons of an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profile.

What font does LinkedIn use?
The font, used in the LinkedIn insignia, is called Source Sans, and it was designed exclusively for the platform. However, it looks very similar to such typefaces as PGF Now Extra Bold, or Sultan Ruqah Longo Bold.

How do you put a LinkedIn logo on your resume?
To put a LinkedIn logo on your Curriculum Vitae you need to have a profile on this professional social media platform. The “in” icon in blue and white, or in black and white can be placed in your CV with the active link on your LinkedIn profile. To get the link, go to the Me icon on your LinkedIn page, then push the View Profile, tap the Gear icon, select Privacy, then Edit. You will see the direct link, which you can customize.