Paypal Logo

Paypal Logo

The world’s leading digital payment company, PayPal has been criticized for its slightly dated logo more than once. However, for a company dealing with online money transfer, it is only natural to avoid changing its identity too often, as it clearly raises the possibility of scam. The latest PayPal logo update has made it more visually appealing.

Meaning and history

Paypal Logo history

PayPal was founded in late 1998 under the name of Confinity. Originally it specialized in security software. However, in 2000, after the merge with the online banking company, its main focus moved to money transfer business. It was then that the company became well-known under its current name and got its first logo, which was just a white wordmark with a blue border.

The 2007 symbol

symbol Paypal

In 2007 the PayPal insignia went through a drastic change. Instead of the white wordmark, the company received an emblem featuring two shades of blue. Also, the typeface became cleaner, while the space between the letters grew larger. It was clearly an improvement in terms of legibility. However, some designers pointed out that the older wordmark worked better on various background colors, while the new one could not provide good contrast on certain backgrounds (blue, for instance).

In 2012 the wordmark was given a minor facelift, due to which the typeface grew slightly rounder.

The 2014 emblem

emblem Paypal

Probably, the most successful PayPal logo so far has been the one introduced in 2014. The campaign was designed by San Francisco, CA-based design firm and included not only a new wordmark, but also an icon and a new PayPal interface. It was an absolutely logical move, taking into consideration the rise of mobile technologies.

There are two key themes for the company’s new identity: connection and forwardness. The former is supposed to be emphasized by the monogram with overlapping double P, while the idea of forwardness is communicated through the strengthened italics.


Font Paypal Logo

The clean, round sans-serif type of the 2014 PayPal logo may seem very similar to the one used in the previous emblem. However, there are a couple of differences. The most noticeable one is the new “a” character. Also, the letters seem to have grown a bit wider, which is especially visible when you look at the “y” character.


Color Paypal Logo

PayPal has always stuck to blue in terms of the corporate color, yet the shade has been modified. With the brighter shades used in the current version, the company seems to be better competing against other payment gateways.