Most Famous Logos in Green

Most Famous Logos in Green

Green is a symbol of new life. This color is also associated with nature and the environment. Another meaning of green is growth and wealth, progress and wellbeing. So many different shades and so many different meanings, make green one of the most popular colors to be used in the visual identities of the companies from absolutely different sectors of the economy.

In our today’s article, we will have a closer look at the logos of the brands and companies from all over the globe, which are executed in a green color palette. Whether it’s a fresh and juicy lime-green, or a calm and deep moss-green. Each of the companies put its explanation and idea into it, and we will try to figure them out.

We have tried to compile our list of the companies from completely different sectors, to have a better picture. For your convenience, all brands are arranged in alphabetical order.


Logo Acer

The first company on our green-logo list is Acer, a Taiwanese manufacturer of computers and accessories, which is very popular worldwide. The brand uses a smooth lowercase inscription in a custom sans-serif typeface, executed in a bright and light shade of green as the only element of its visual identity. The letters in the logotype are extended and slightly slanted to the right, which in combination with green creates a sense of motion and progress.


Logo Android

Android is one of the world’s most popular operating systems for mobile phones and gadgets. The os is using a cool and friendly badge, which features a solid green image of gold of an alien head, with two small white dots, standing for the eyes, and two straight short antennas, coming out of the head diagonally. Android uses an intense yet vivid shade of green, which looks friendly and playful, representing the brand as an innovative and progressive one.


Logo BP

One of the world’s largest gas and oil companies, British Petroleum, or simply BP, has its bright green and yellow logo instantly recognizable in different corners of the globe. The badge of the company is composed of a stylized flier in yellow, white, and two shades of green, and a modest lowercase “BP” lettering, set in the upper right corner of the logo, and executed in a deep and calm shade of green. The logo looks delightful and confident, showing the company as a strong and professional one.


Logo Carlsberg

The green from the visual identity of Carlsberg, a brand of beer and a group of brewery companies, is dark and deep. The bold cursive lettering in a custom typeface with heavy letters and thick lines is set in one plain shade of green, with the small graphical element above the “R” colored in the same hue. The simplicity of the Carlsberg color palette adds some chic and elegance, making the badge look expensive and evoking a sense of professionalism and excellence.

Green Lantern

Logo Green Lantern

Green Lantern is not the most famous DC superhero, although he appeared in several comic books, since the beginning of the 1940s. The badge of the hero features a dark green and white composition with a solid white circle placed in the center of the solid green square. In the middle of the circle, there is an abstract geometric symbol, formed by an outlined ring, enclosed between two bold horizontal lines.


Logo Greenpeace

Everything about this non-profit organization is green — its name, its purpose, its values, and, of course, its logo. The bold handwritten lettering in the uppercase of a custom sans-serif font features bold rounded lines, drawn in light and a vivid shade of green. The green here is a representation of nature and ecology, of that strong connection between humans and the Earth, a reminder of where we all come from, and what we all have to support and try to save.


Logo Halal

Green is not only a color of wealth and health but is also one of the symbols of Islamic culture and religion, this is almost all the most important organizations and brands, connected to Islam, are executed in green. And Halal is not any exception the sign, which is placed on foods and other products to signify that it is “allowed” for Muslims to eat or use it, is set in a dark shade of green, which looks calm and confident. The badge is set in two lines of lettering, written over a white background, and enclosed into a medium-thick green circular frame.


Logo Heineken

For a famous beer brand from Europe, Heineken, green is not only a color of the logo but also of its bottle. The beer is widely known as the one “in the green bottle with a red star”, so the color has become an essential part of the Heineken identity. The company uses a medium shade of green, which looks fresh and cool, resembling a shade of grass, and promises to nourish and refresh you on a hot summer day.

Holiday Inn

Logo Holiday Inn

There are not many hotel chains, which used green in their visual identity, but Holiday Inn is one of those that do. The light and fresh shade of green from the logo of the chain evokes a friendly and welcoming feeling. The badge of the company is composed of a handwritten smooth “H” in the uppercase, set above an italicized title case inscription in a smooth elegant typeface. Both elements are set in one color, which looks great on a plain white background.


Logo Jeep

The visual identity of Jeep, the American brand of SUVs manufacturer, is also based on green, but here it is a khaki shade, which is mostly associated with military uniforms and vehicles. The logo is composed of clean bold lettering in the title case of a modern sans-serif typeface, colored in solid khaki-green, and placed on transparent background with no graphical additions. It looks very laconic but brutal and stable, showing the Jeep cars as the reliable and strong ones.

John Deere

Logo John Deere

John Deere, an American manufacturer of agricultural machinery, has its logo executed in gradient green and yellow. The badge is composed of a solid square emblem with the sides slightly arched from the center, and a stable clean sans-serif logotype in a dark shade of green. The emblem boasts a bright gradient background, a double green, and yellow outline, and a yellow silhouette of a deer, drawn in profile facing to the left.


Logo Lacoste

The famous brand of casual and sportswear, Lacoste, has had a green crocodile as its mascot since the first days of the company’s existence. The green crocodile today is the main element of the primary badge of the label. Although sometimes it is accompanied by a bold uppercase logotype, which is also most often executed in green. The Lacoste crocodile turned to the right, is drawn in a dark shade of green, which looks serious and confident.

Land Rover

Logo Land Rover

Another car brand on our list is Land Rover, another famous manufacturer of off-road vehicles. Unlike Jeep, the British company uses a classic shade of green, which is used in gradients for the background of a horizontally oriented oval medallion. The green on the Land Rover logo is accompanied by a very light and muted shade of yellow, which can be seen in a thin interior outline, and the bold uppercase lettering, set in two levels in the center of the badge.


Logo Mirinda

Mirinda is a famous orange-flavored drink, which is known for its intense orange color. The logo of the brand is composed of a diagonally oriented uppercase lettering in a custom heavy sans-serif typeface, with the dot above the “I” replaced by a stylized leaf. The green color, used for the inscription looks great in a contrast with orange, and when outlined in white — creates a bright and confident image. The green here stands for freshness and adds a kind of ‘natural’ touch to the drink with its pretty suspicious color.



NVIDIA is an American software developer, which chooses a bright shade of green in combination with white for its interesting abstract visual identity. The logo of the company is composed of a stylized figure in a shape of an eye, executed in one swirling line, which on its left is colored in green and placed on the plain white background, and on the right the line turns white, overlapping a solid green square. The logo represents the main specialization of the software developer — graphical programs.


Logo Pocketbook

The European company, established at the beginning of the 2010s and specializing in the production of e-book readers and accessories, uses a very unusual and interesting shade of green for its simple and smooth visual identity. The PocketBook badge features a light yet stable sans-serif logotype in a full-shaped rounded sans-serif typeface, with all the medium-eight lines drawn in a dark sea-green shade. The color looks very confident and chic, representing knowledge, wisdom, and creativity.


Logo Publix

Publix is an American company, which has a chain of supermarkets all over the United States. Apart from groceries and pharmacies, the company is also engaged in real estate, event planning, and money services, and the solid and deep shade of green is used for the logo of Publix, United all of the activities of the company. The Publix logo comprises a solid green circle with a bold white lowercase “P” on it, set above a stylized sans-serif logotype in medium-thick green lines.


Logo RUF

RUF is the name of a German automaker, which is specialized in the production of sports cars based on the Porsche chassis. The company has a very bold and progressive visual identity, which is based on heavily stylized lettering, executed in a dark green color. The logotype looks very progressive and cool, while the shade of green, used for it, balanced these feelings, adding a touch of traditional approach, elegance, and excellence.


Logo Shopify

Shopify is an online platform, where everyone can create his own e-commerce business. The service allows opening an online shop in minutes, providing the clients with easy-to-use tools and simple instructions. By today, the number of registered on the platform stores has crossed the 1,5 million mark. The Shopify logo is very simple: a paper shopping bag in two shades of green with the bold white letter “S” on it. It looks modest and laconic, evoking a sense of professionalism and growth.

Sony Ericsson

Logo Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson is a company manufacturer of mobile phones, which has a very futuristic and unique visual identity. The three-dimensional badge of the brand features a light-silver sphere with two smooth cut-out elements, which look like they are made of glossy transparent green glass. Inside the main sphere, there is a smaller one, which looks green too, as you look at it through the green glass. The badge of the company has no lettering on it, and this minimalistic approach elevated it to a new level.


Logo Spotify

Spotify is the world’s number one destination for music lovers. The online streaming service with millions of users from all over the globe has its logo drawn in clean and simple elements, in a green and white color palette. The solid green circle has three rounded and slightly arched lines, placed one under another, with the lines getting thinner from top to bottom. The primary palette has lines colored white, but sometimes they can be seen in black, yet the vivid and delightful shade of green never changes.


Logo Sprite

Sprite is a brand of beverage with a lime and lemon flavor, and its taste is perfectly reflected in the color palette of its logo. For a few decades, the Sprite badge has been executed in green and yellow, but now the yellow is gone, and green makes up the main motif of the badge. The bold italicized sans-serif lettering with heavy and slightly narrowed title case characters are set in plain and solid green, which looks very refreshing and welcoming.


Logo Starbucks

The iconic Starbucks logo is also set in a green and white color palette; with the Mermaid, drawn in thick smooth white lines over a solid green circle. The combination of the colors in this badge represents a strong brand with a character and devalues, and evokes a sense of reliability and quality. In the case of Starbucks, green is all about growth and prosperity, as the company is developing at an enormous speed, opening new restaurants on different continents, and getting more and more fans all over the globe.

Tic Tac

Logo Tic Tac

TicTac is a brand of small candies, which were initially only mint-flavored, but today are available in different tastes. Although, the visual identity of the brand is based on the original flavor, depicting a stylized green leaf with white lowercase lettering on it. The leaf is drawn as a horizontally oriented banner in dark gradient green, with the upper right and bottom left corners pointed, and the other two — rounded. On the top part of the logo, there are some light green accents, which add volume and motion to the logo.


Logo Tropicana

Tropicana is a brand of juice and fruit drinks, which also has its logo executed in a plain green color palette. The logo is based on bold sans-serif lettering in the title case, drawn in green, with the shades going darker from top to the bottom of the characters. To support the green concept of the badge, the dot above the “I” is replaced by a horizontally oriented leaf, set in the same gradient palette, but with the shades darkening up to the top. The horizontal bar of the uppercase “T” repeats the shape of the leaf.

Whole Foods

Logo Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a chain of supermarkets, that specializes in the natural and eco-friendly product range. Like most companies, associated with ecology and the environment, While Foods uses a green and white color palette for its logo, with the light green circle having two-lines white lettering written across it. The inscription is underlined by a thin white “Market”, and a small white leaf, coming out of the open contour of the letter “O” in the “Whole”.

Wrigley’s Spearmint

Logo Wrigleys Spearmint

The logo of the iconic Wrigley’s Spearmint chewing gum has two shades of green in it. Here the colors mostly stand for the flavor of the products, but also look very strong and create a great contrast with the scarlet-red shade of the bold sans-serif “Wrigley’s” inscription, set on the top line of the logo. The main element of the badge here is a horizontally stretched banner with arrows on the sides, pointing in different directions. The banner is set in dark green and accompanied by a thin light-green outline.


Logo Xbox

Xbox is a console for video games, which is loved by millions of people worldwide: the visual identity of the brand is set in a flat and solid green and white color palette, with both the emblem and the logotype set in the same colors. The Xbox emblem depicts a dark green sphere with the white stylized “X” cut out on it, and a lightweight sans-serif logotype in a stylized font, with the bar of the “B”, elongated and stretched to the left. The green here is a color of progress and innovations, as this is what the company tends to give to its users, creating new solutions for the consoles.


Hulu Logo

The bright and lively shade on the Hulu logo is all about fun, joy, and connection. The simple composition of the logo, based on the bold geometric lowercase lettering, has light acid green as its only accent, and it perfectly works on a plain white background. Green is considered one of the most successful colors to represent a company, as it evokes extremely positive emotions. And the Hulu logo is a perfect confirmation of this.


Grab Logo

Grab is a leading transportation app in Southeast Asia that offers a wide range of transportation, delivery, and payment services. The company has chosen a calm but light shade of green for its logo, consisting of a stylized inscription in an outline font. Here, green is a symbol of connection and communication, something unifying. It also looks fresh and evokes a sense of trustworthiness, which is enhanced by the delicate white details in the inscription.


Alitalia Logo

The green on the Alitalia logo is a tribute to the company’s heritage and background. The medium-dark shade repeats one of the three colors of the National flag of Italy, and also the color of the Italian Police uniform. Usually, when used on the flags, green symbolizes freedom and hope, but in this particular shade, it also looks very confident and represents stability and trustworthiness.


WhatsApp logo

A lot of digital technology brands and IT-related companies use green color in their logo design to show friendliness and WhatsApp is not an exception. Green is one of the main colors, associated with communication and connection, and the WhatsApp shade of green, the juicy and bright one, makes up a perfect representation of the app’s purpose. White of the additional details and the outline of the icon points to the professionalism and reliability of the brand.


Hess Logo

The American oil and gas company Hess also chooses green as the main color for its logo. The dark and rich shade of green of the stars looks convincing and strong, primarily reflecting the company’s professional qualities and its good reputation on the international market. The massive characters and geometry of the logo’s frame only enhance the feeling of power and make up a great image for the company.


Recycle Logo

Green logos are often associated with nature, health, and eco-friendly businesses. But not only with business but also with ecology in general. For example, one of the most famous symbols, the Recycling symbol, is also made with a predominance of green. The three green arrows, which build a triangle With softened corners, are set against a plain white background, and in some cases, the colors are used in reverse. The green here is close to the shade of grass, a very natural and fresh color.


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