Greenpeace Logo

Greenpeace Logo

Greenpeace was founded by a bunch of young people in 1971. Since then, Greenpeace activists have stood up against nuclear tests and did a lot of work to improve the global ecology.

Meaning and history

Greenpeace Logo history

The Greenpeace logo and, particularly, the name, reflects the group’s two ultimate goals – keeping the world green and keeping it at peace. In 1971, a group of activists hired a small fishing vessel and set out from Vancouver to the Amchitka Island, where the U.S. government was going to carry out underground nuclear tests. The ecologists were fully intent on preventing the test, and finally they did.

Later in the 1970s, the group prevented a Soviet whaling flotilla from killing whales. They drove their boats between whales and harpoons aimed at them and thus shielded the animals.


Greenpeace Symbol

The Greenpeace logo is a wordmark written in a signature handwritten font. The name is written in white letters on a vivid green background to symbolize vigor and devotion. The combination of green and white creates a vivacious mix, which stands for infinite love of life, spiritual prosperity, kindness, and health.

Greenpeace Logo

Today, Greenpeace is a top non-governmental organization operating in more than 40 countries.