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Greenpeace was founded by a bunch of young people in 1971. Since then, Greenpeace activists have stood up against nuclear tests and did a lot of work to improve the global ecology.

Meaning and history

Greenpeace Logo history

1969 – 1985

Greenpeace Logo-1969

1985 – Today

Greenpeace Logo

The Greenpeace logo and, particularly, the name, reflects the group’s two ultimate goals – keeping the world green and keeping it at peace.


Greenpeace Symbol

The Greenpeace logo is a wordmark written in a signature handwritten font. The name is written in white letters on a vivid green background to symbolize vigor and devotion. The combination of green and white creates a vivacious mix, which stands for infinite love of life, spiritual prosperity, kindness, and health.

Greenpeace Logo

Today, Greenpeace is a top non-governmental organization operating in more than 40 countries.