Heineken Logo

Heineken Logo
The Heineken Lager Beer is brewed by the Dutch company Heineken International. Its label dates back to the end of the 19th century.

Meaning and History logo

Heineken logo history

According to the explanation provided by the company, the Heineken logo was created before 1883. Some of the early changes were made in 1875, 1883, and 1889: in each of these years the company won important international prizes, and their names were added to the label.
In the 1930s Heineken created a rectangular logo featuring a big red star. It was introduced to the Dutch market first. Later, the star was also incorporated into the symbol used on export products, but the label itself preserved its oval shape, the green color, and the black bar.
As far as red star was a symbol of communism, Heineken changed it to a white star with the red border. It was only in 1991 that the star became red again.


Heineken symbol
Probably the most recognizable features of the Heineken logo are its oval shape and a characteristic shade of green color. Two more important visual elements are the five-point star and the black horizontal bar. The bar has curled up edges.

Emblem: recent changes

Heineken emblem
Designers of the Heineken house are open to change and react to current visual trends. In most cases, the changes that have been introduced over the recent years are minor ones and consumers typically do not notice them.


Colors Heineken Logo
The current version of the Heineken symbol uses three colors. Green is reminiscent of the color of the bottle. It is a pretty recognizable shade, which is sometimes even referred to as the Heineken green. To create a visually appealing contrast, designers added red and black.


There are several customized typefaces used within the Heineken emblem. In the second half of the previous century the capital letters were replaced by more rounded and small ones, and a ‘smiling e’ appeared.