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Carlsberg is a high profile beer brewing company from Denmark, which today has a global network of enterprises. The company is renowned for its pioneering of effective brewing methods.

Carlsberg logo history

The first Carlsberg logo featured an elephant and a swastika. For political reasons, the logo was abolished in the 1930s. The company’s current logo goes back to 1904. It was hand-drawn by Thorvald Bindesbol, an industrial designer from Denmark. The logo features the Company name, and the font pretty much retains the designer’s handwriting. It is topped by a red-and-gold crown, which symbolizes the company’s ties with the Royal Danish Court.

The Carlsberg logo represents four colors: green, white, gold and red. As the logo appears on different products, the green and white sometimes exchange places: the company may come in white on green background, or vice versa. The colors of the crown remain unchanged. The palette expresses energy, excellence, freshness, passion, determination, elegance, royalty, and grace. In 2004 – a century since its introduction – the Danish Design Center endowed the logo with a design prize. That was an unprecedented event in the history of logo design.

1931 – 2018

Carlsberg Logo 1931
The Carlsberg logo, which became official in 1931, was designed by Thorvald Bindesbol in 1904 but was just laying on the table for more than two decades. It was a dark green stylized script lettering with a delicate emblem in the same color, placed above the letter “R”. The inscription was handwritten and had the tails of the “C”, “R” and “G” elongated and playfully curved.

The emblem depicted a three-leaf with rounded details and triangular shape, which is placed pointing down and resembling a fine snowflake when the logo was drawn in a reverse color palette — white on green.

2018 – Today

Carlsberg logo
The redesign of 2018 made the Carlsberg logo fresher and more elegant by elevating its color palette to white and a lighter shade of green, which Joe evokes a sense of success and growth. The typeface of the nameplate was refined and softened, making the lines of the inscription thinner and more rounded. The upper bar of the letter “R” was smooth and bold, resembling a leaf of a tree, which balances the Carlsberg emblem, placed right above it.