Holiday Inn Logo

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Holiday Inn Logo
A subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group, Holiday Inn is one of the most well-known global hotel chains. There are over 2.600 hotels now working. The corporation is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Meaning and history

Holiday Inn Logo history

Holiday Inn introduced its first logo in 1952. The name of the corporation was written in a slightly italic typeface over the green background. The logo had a shield shape. The upper part was colored green, while the lower part was colored grey and had an inscription “Hotels Resorts”. The two parts were divided by a yellow bar. This symbol was used for more than 50 years.

2007 symbol

Holiday Inn symbol
In October 2007 the corporation announced that it was going to introduce a modified logo. Like the previous one, it has a green color scheme, but the shade is different. This, as well, as the wording “Holiday Inn”, are probably the only things that the two versions have in common. Except for them, the 2007 logo is completely new. A new script was introduced, and the shield shape was removed.


Holiday Inn emblem
The corporation had to replace over 10,000 signs in its global hotel chain. The refreshed Holiday Inn emblem was incorporated into design elements of more than 3,000 hotel lobbies and 400,000 guest rooms. For this, Holiday Inn had to spend around $150,000 per hotel.


Colors Holiday Inn Logo
Green has been the dominating color of the Holiday Inn emblem since 1983. The color symbolizes relaxation, harmony, and safety. However, there’s definitely a difference in the shade. The version used in 1983-2007 is darker and cooler, while the logo introduced in 2007 features a sunny, vivid shade of green.


Font Holiday Inn Logo
A modern, asymmetric “H” letter dominates the current logo. In addition to it, there is a “Holiday Inn” inscription at the bottom of the emblem made in an attractive customized font style.
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