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RUF is the name of a German automaking brand, which was established in 1939 and is specialized in the production of luxury cars, based on the Porsche chassis. Named after its founders, the Ruf family, the brand has a very good reputation on the world’s automobile market, and is well-known not only for its cars but also for the tuning and conversions of the Porsche models.

Meaning and history

Ruf has been using one and the same emblem since 1939. It is a stylized name of the company, which today can be seen on its own in monochrome or moss-green color palette, or can be placed on a gold crest, which resembles the Porsche logo.

The lettering is executed in bold solid lines with traditional bars of the letters though all three symbols of the inscription are interestingly merged. The “U” is slightly stretched vertically and narrowed, sharing its right bar with the “F”, and on the right — merging with the tail of the “R”. The upper part of the “R” overlaps the left line of the “U”, getting a thin white line outlining its contour.

Merged “U” and “F” remind us of a stylized wing and evoke a sense of flight, freedom, and speed, pointing to the essence of the brand and its character. As for the “R”, it adds solidness and masculinity to the image, “landing” the flying letters and making them stay strong.

This simple yet perfectly balanced monogram is stable, confident, and brutal, yet the clean lines and smooth contours of the letters soften the badge and make it look elegant and chic, especially when it’s executed in a monochrome palette.

As for the on-car badge, the brand sets its recognizable monogram into a small gold crest, which is placed in the middle of the bigger one — with the “Pfaffenhausen” inscription along its upper side, two segments with a blue and white checkered pattern, and two — with black rampant lions.

Font and color

RUF logo

The iconic Ruf lettering is executed in a bold italicized custom typeface with massive shapes and distinct contours. Though the contours of the letters seem to look very traditional and simple, some small details make them different from all the available commercial sans-serif fonts. There is a slight resemblance of the Ruf type with such fonts as Integral CF Heavy Oblique and Halvar Breitschrift Black, but with most lines modified.

The three possible color palettes of the Ruf visual identity are monochrome, moss-green and white, and black and gold with an addition of white and blue. When drawn in monochrome, the logo looks stylish and timeless, representing a professional traditional approach. The green and white combination symbolizes growth and success and evokes a sense of confidence and protection.

When it comes to the most ornate version of the Ruf badge, the gold and black color scheme stand for luxury and precision, when the white and black checkered segments of the crest symbolize trustworthiness, loyalty, and safety.

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