Tropicana Logo

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Tropicana Logo
Tropicana is an American brand of juices and fruit beverages manufacturer, owned by PepsiCo. The brand was established in 1947 and acquired by the world’s most famous drinks corporation in 1998.

Meaning and history

Tropicana Logo history

The Tropicana logo is one of those examples of the brand’s visual identities, that hasn’t changed much since they were created first. The original logo from 1947 is almost the same as the one we all know today, except for its color palette.
The first Tropicana logo was composed of a wordmark with a tagline placed on a curved ribbon under the nameplate. Executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Hobo D font, the inscription looked modern and strong.
The tagline was written in all capital letters of a traditional serif typeface, which added elegance and timelessness to the brand’s visual identity, as well as its monochrome palette.
Throughout the years, the color of the Tropicana logo was changed to green, then orange, and in 1998 it became green again.
Tropicana Logo
The current Tropicana logo was designed in 2017 and is still composed of a wordmark, with almost the same typeface. The only difference is in the horizontal bar of the letter “T”, which was always arched, but the latest version made it more curved and looking upright.
There is also a green leaf above the letter “I”, which first appeared on the logo version from 1992. Today it is enlarged and refined, adding individual character and style to the brand’s logo.