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One of the most popular music, podcast, and video streaming services, Spotify has a distinctive logotype giving a hint on the industry the company is working in.

Meaning and history

Spotify Logo history
Though Spotify is a pretty young company, it has already undergone two major logo redesigns, which brought the brand to its modern and edgy logo we all can see today. The main thing, making it recognizable is the bright, even acid, color palette, which makes the app stand out in the list of its competitors.

What is Spotify?
Spotify is the name of one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, which was established in Sweden in 2006, and today operates all over the globe, with more than 430 million users (including free and paying) from dozens of countries.

2008 — 2013

Spotify Logo 2008

The initial Spotify logo, introduced in 2008, featured a solid green square badge with playful lettering along its bottom side. The inscription in the title case was executed in a white outline serif typeface and had its letters placed uneven, resembling dancing, and having fun with the favorite music the app finds for its users. Three arched lines of different lengths and thicknesses were placed above the letter “O”, representing the sound.

2013 — 2015

Spotify Logo 2013

The redesign of 2013 made the logo more laconic and clean, placing a circular emblem on the left from the confident and solid black logotype. The new inscription was executed in a smooth modern sans-serif typeface with thick rounded lines and straight cuts. As for the emblem, it was a solid green circle with three white arched lines, just like the ones on the previous version, though this time they had a thin black outline, which made them look embossed on a green background.

2015 — Today

Spotify logo

In 2015 the Spotify logo is being redesigned again. Today it is drawn in a bright green color, which is accompanied by three white lines on the emblem. The new wordmark has its letters enlarged and looks friendlier and more welcoming than the previous one, though is written in the same typeface. The magic of the green color makes the whole image vivid and kind, standing for progress, growth, and success.

Original emblem

Spotify emblem

The earliest Spotify logo, which was introduced in 2008, looked a bit more playful than the current one. Right above the “jumping” “o” there were three lines, which symbolized sound waves and in this way emphasized the company’s connection to the world of music.

Current symbol

Spotify symbol

The 2013 logotype got rid of the “jumping” “o”, while the lines symbolizing sound waves were placed inside a circle shape and moved to the left. In 2015, the color scheme was modified, while the shape of the logo stayed the same.


Font Spotify Logo

The font featured in the Spotify logo is definitely a customized version of Gotham. The two notable custom elements are the combination of the letters “f” and “y”, as well as the round dot above the “i” instead of the original square one.


Color Spotify Logo

The vivid shade of green in combination with the white background creates a joyful, festive mood.


Despite the progressiveness of the music service and its trendiness, the visual identity of Spotify has never been something outstanding and brilliant. The original Spotify logo, like its name, was a product of a trend that quickly became a cliché. Though the company decided to keep it for years, modifying and brightening it up with each redesign.

The Spotify Icon consists of three arched lines in white, placed on a solid green circle. To illustrate the use of new technologies, such as streaming and related ways to transmit bits wirelessly over the airwaves, Spotify and hundreds of other brands adapted the visual convention of concentric lines, which in the past had been used to represent radio waves and t. and were increasingly used in UX icons representing Wi-Fi or audio volume.

In 2015 Spotify adopted a clean, trendy, adult wordmark without serifs and separated its three flowing waves to serve as a separate symbol. This was the birth of the icon.

Spotify icon 1Spotify icon 2Spotify icon 3Spotify icon 4Spotify icon 5

Why is the Spotify logo crooked?
The crooked logo of the music streaming service Spotify represents movement and progress with its slant to the right. Another version says that the brand wanted to be closer to its audience and to represent itself as a human one, with some imperfections.

What is the Spotify logo supposed to be?
The Spotify logo is composed of a bright solid green circle with three thick smooth lines in white, arched one above another and featuring different lengths, looking like a wi-fi symbol. The graphical element also stands for connectivity and depicts sound waves, as the focus of the Spotify platform is music.

Are you allowed to use the Spotify logo?
You can not use the Spotify logo without the permission of the coolant, as the logo, as well as all the badges and icons of the Spotify brand, are trademarked, and are a property of the company.

How do I get the Spotify symbol?
To get the Spotify symbol on your one, you should have a Spotify profile registered first. Then you can insert the Spotify icon and link it to your profile so that anyone could click on the icon and visit your Spotify page.