Spotify Logo

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Spotify Logo
One of the most popular music, podcast, and video streaming services, Spotify has a distinctive logotype giving a hint on the industry the company is working in.

Meaning and history

Spotify Logo history

Spotify made its debut in 2008. Today, it boasts over 140 million monthly active users, while the number of paying subscribers exceeds 50 millions.

Original emblem

Spotify emblem
The earliest Spotify logo, which was introduced in 2008, looked a bit more playful than the current one. Right above the “jumping” “o” there were three lines, which symbolized sound waves and in this way emphasized the company’s connection to the world of music.

Current symbol

Spotify symbol
The 2013 logotype got rid of the “jumping” “o”, while the lines symbolizing sound waves were placed inside a circle shape and moved to the left. In 2015, the color scheme was modified, while the shape of the logo stayed the same.


Font Spotify Logo
The font featured in the Spotify logo is definitely a customized version of Gotham. The two notable custom elements are the combination of the letters “f” and “y”, as well as the round dot above the “i” instead of the original square one.


Color Spotify Logo
The vivid shade of green in combination with the white background creates a joyful, festive mood.