John Deere Logo

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John Deere Logo
John Deere, a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, Illinois, the USA, has been around since 1836. It came through a series of ups and downs, and in 1876 it took a standing and obtained a brand.

Meaning and history

John Deere logo history

The image of a leaping deer was introduced in 1876. It has come through decades, and it is still there. However, the John Deer logo’s evolution clearly displays how the concept of logo modernity has changed over the period.

Old logo

Old John Deere logo
The very first John Deere logo stayed in use for three years. It depicted a deer leaping over a log and featured the company name vaulting over the picture. Also, there was Moline, Ill. underlying it. The second one introduced in 1910 featured the same elements, except in a more detailed fashion, plus the company’s slogan – “the trade mark of quality made famous by good implements”. In 1936, the logo took a course toward modernity. The log and the piece of landscape were gone, but the leaping deer was still there, now silhouetted. This appearance was more suitable for stenciling on the company’s produce. The slogan changed too, and now it was “quality farm equipment”. In the 1956 and 1968 versions, the slogan was gone, they had slightly different frames, antlers, and legs.

New logo

New John Deere logo
After a few more minor modifications, the logo took its current shape in 2000.
Today, the John Deere logo is a green curvilinear rectangle with a yellow inner lining. The deer is yellow too, and it has a more streamlined shape.

Symbol Logo

The John Deere logo pretty much reflects the company’s eternal rush for perfection and prosperity.

Emblem Logo

The combination of green and yellow creates a feeling of warmth and satiety, and it reflects the company’s mission – providing tools helping us to keep our dinner table laid.