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John Deere is a large company and one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of farming and agrarian machinery, which was established in the United States in 1837 and named after its founder. Today the American company operates across the globe providing its individual and commercial clients with various machinery and engines, as well as financial services in the agricultural sector. The public company is run by John C. May and has a yearly revenue of about 40 billion USD.

John Deere Slogan
  • Push back

  • Watch for it

  • The future is here today

  • Nothing runs like a Deere.

  • We have upgraded. Now it is your turn

Meaning and history

John Deere Logo history


John Deere Logo 1876

While the original John Deere logo was officially registered in 1876, it had been in use for three years by then (according to registration papers). The design featured a deer bounding over a log.

Below the deer, there was the lettering “Moline, ILL.” In addition to the factory location, these words were necessary because the plows produced by John Deere were commonly referred to as “Moline plows.”


John Deere Logo 1912

While the overall design remained pretty much the same, a lot of details were redrawn. The long slogan starting with the words “The Trade Mark of Quality” appeared for the first time.


John Deere Logo 1936

The brand’s standardization committee recommended modifying the logo to make it easier to reproduce on the products. As a result, the deer became simpler and more minimalistic. Yet, the 12-sided border that appeared around it only made the design more cluttered.


John Deere Logo 1937

The border disappeared as did “The Trade Mark of Quality” slogan. The reason why the logo was simplified could be that this was the year when John Deere widened its range of products. So, an easy-to-reproduce emblem was necessary. Another possible reason could be that 1937 was the year of the company’s 100th anniversary.

John Deere Logo


John Deere Logo 1950

The log disappeared, while the deer’s outline was redrawn.


John Deere Logo 1956

The design was further simplified by removing the slogan.


John Deere Logo 1967

Both the deer and the type grew more minimalistic.


John Deere logo

After a few more minor modifications, the logo took its current shape in 2000.

Today, the John Deere logo is a green curvilinear rectangle with a yellow inner lining. The deer is yellow too, and it has a more streamlined shape.

Symbol Logo


The John Deere logo pretty much reflects the company’s eternal rush for perfection and prosperity.

Emblem Logo

The combination of green and yellow creates a feeling of warmth and satiety, and it reflects the company’s mission – providing tools helping us to keep our dinner table laid.