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Sprite is a famous brand of beverage, introduced by Coca-Cola in 1961. The beverage is known for its fresh lemon taste and its original name was Fanta Klare Zitrone.

Meaning and history

Sprite Logo history

The most important thing about the Sprite logo is a sense of freshness, which you can feel from the first look at the logo. The color palette and shapes of the brand’s badge’s graphical elements represent the sparklines and lemon taste of the iconic drink, showing the progressive approach of the company and its attention to details.

1961 – 1964

Sprite Logo 1961

The logo, created for Sprite in 1961, was composed of green lettering where the jumping letters in dark green featured long and sharp serifs. The dot above the letter “I” was replaced by an eight-pointed star in lime-green, complementing the edgy contours of the letters and representing the flavor of the beverage.

1964 – 1974

Sprite Logo 1964

In 1964 the color of the emblem was switched to red and grass-green, so half of the letters featured one color, and the second half — another. The enlarged star became bolder, and got colored red, along with the vertical bar of the “I”.

1974 – 1989

Sprite Logo 1974
The redesign of 1974 brought a new typeface to the Sprite logo. The diagonally placed inscription was now executed in a smooth sans-serif typeface with softened angles and bold lines. The color of the main text was all green again, while the circular solid dot was in red.

1989 – 1995

Sprite Logo 1989

The iconic logo with the lemon replacing the dot was introduced in 1989. The light green wordmark in a bold and elegant font was slightly italicized and had a two-layered image of lime and lemon, placed horizontally above the “I”. This is one of the most recognizable versions of the Sprite logo ever created.

1995 – 2003

Sprite Logo 1995

The lime and lemon emblem was replaced with its abstract version — two solid overlapping circles — in 1995. The icon was placed above the white diagonally located lettering on a gradient green and blue background with a striped pattern. This badge still can be seen in the beverage bottles in some countries.

2002 – 2005

Sprite Logo 2002

In 2002 the typeface of the wordmark was changed to a more modern one, sharpening the angles and making the edges more distinct. The white lettering had a thin blue outline and a bold shadow in the same color, along with some blue accents, complementing the body of the letters. The lime-lemon dot became sleeker and smoother.

There was also a horizontal version of this logo, where the shadow of the letters turned into a thick blue outline and the icon above the “I” had a lime overlapping a bigger lemon.

2004 – 2009

Sprite Logo 2004
The redesign of 2004 has changed the disposition of the Sprite badge, placing it horizontally. The lettering was now outlined in thicker blue lines, and the yellow dot above the “I” turned into a lemon, overlapped by a lime. The citrus fruits were drawn horizontally too. The typeface of the inscription remained untouched.

2008 – 2021

Sprite Logo 2008

In 2008 the wordmark was refined again, and its smooth white letters in a dark blue outline were placed in a dandy gradient badge with six-pointed angles and horizontal sides arched to the center. The dot above the “I” was replaced by an oversized lemon, which had its bottom part green.

2014 – 2021

Sprite Logo 2014

The emblem, designed in 2008 was simplified in 2014. The gradient shades and glossy textures were gone and replaced by a flat green and white image, with the same large lemon on top.

2018 – 2021

Sprite Logo 2018

The lemon was removed from the logo in 2018, all the other details remained untouched and completely repeated the previous version of the Sprite visual identity.

2019 – 2022

Sprite Logo 2019

The redesign of 2019 switched colors of the logo and now the white wordmark is placed on a sharp green badge. As for the iconic lemon emblem, it is replaced by a solid yellow dot, which looks simple, yet still represents the flavor and freshness of the famous drink.

2022 – Today

Sprite Logo

The redesign of 2022 has simplified the Sprite logo, using a solid green logotype, placed horizontally, as the only element of the badge. The typeface of the new wordmark looks very close to the one, used in the previous badge, with just small modifications. The dot above the “I” is now set closer to the vertical bar, creating a “smiling” arched cut at its end. The upper part of the lowercase “R” was also slightly refined.