Publix Logo

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Publix Logo

One of America’s largest regional grocery chains, Publix has a simple yet recognizable logo. The rounded letters have a fun and inviting style.

Meaning and history

Publix logo history

In 1933–1972, Publix used a roundel logo with the word “PUBLIX” in its center. Below it, the lettering “markets” in much smaller letters could be seen. The letters of the main word seemed squeezed, which damaged legibility.

In 1972, a logo with a large white “P” on the light green background was introduced. The circle inside the “P” was dark green.


Publix symbol

Upon comparing the wordmark with the Opificio Bold font, you may find out that they look very close, especially the “u” and the “b.” Another type that is pretty similar in style is Sinn Bold. This font was developed by Alec Julien and published by Haiku Monkey.

However, these types haven’t been taken as they were. For instance, the “P” is completely different from the respective glyph of the Opificio Bold type. On the Publix logo, the capital initial looks by far friendlier due to its rounded shape.


Publix emblem

While this logo is just a wordmark without any pictorial elements, there’s an interesting graphic effect to it – the word seems to have been broken into two parts. Each of the parts differs in style. The letters “Pub” have a rounded structure and are based on a circle shape. On the whole, they have a rather friendly style. The lettering “lix” is edgier and slimmer.

And yet, each of the two parts has some elements that connect it to the other part. You may notice that the ends of all the letters aren’t rounded. Also, the dot on the “I” is rounded.

As the company hasn’t given any explanations regarding this logo, we can’t say for sure whether the effect results just from the fact that the letters “p,” “u,” and “b” are rounded in themselves or whether the contrast has been used on purpose.



As we’ve mentioned earlier, the font featured on the Publix logo is pretty similar to Opificio Bold. This is a sans serif type developed by Andrea Cerboneschi and published by Monofonts. It’s one of the most popular fonts introduced by this type foundry. Opificio is a geometric sans serif font created for an artisanal workshop Opificio JM based in Prato, Tuscany, Italy. The design was developed in collaboration with John Malkovich.


Publix Logo

Green symbolizes nature and safety. This seems to go well with the GreenWise Market retail concept and the fact that around 90% of Publix stores have a pharmacy.