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Clear and meaningful, the WhatsApp logo doesn’t leave any doubts as to what function the app serves. Although it may be accused of a lack of individuality, yet this is the case when the designers have a good reason not to go off the beaten track.

Meaning and history

WhatsApp Logo history

When a former Yahoo! employee Jan Koum bought an iPhone in 2009, he immediately understood that very soon all kinds of mobile apps will become extremely popular. He teamed up with his former colleague from Yahoo!, Brian Acton, to create an app that would give users a chance to communicate easier. Although the company’s early years were rather hard, by the beginning of 2013, it already had over 190 million users.

What is Whatsapp?
WhatsApp is the name of one of the most famous mobile messengers, which is used by millions of people across the globe: the application allows instant message sharing, voice, and video calls, as well as sharing files, music and photos.

WhatsApp Logo

Who owns Whatsapp?
Since 2014 WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Originally the application was created in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, and until 2018 both developers stayed as members of the board of directors of WhatsApp.


The primary logo features a phone receiver inside a text bubble – the combination clearly showing the function of the app. The text bubble symbolizes instant messaging. It has been probably the most often used emblem to display the text messages you receive in a variety of apps and networks. The “tail” is pointing to the right, which symbolizes an incoming message.

logo wa

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The second symbol, the telephone receiver, is as transparent as the first one. It shows that the app is also used to make voice and video calls.

The logo may seem a tad generic. And yet, being so well-known, WhatsApp can afford being generic. In spite of being so simple, the logo is recognized all over the globe due to the app’s popularity.

Emblem versions

WhatsApp Emblem

The regular emblem features the white phone receiver inside a green bubble with a white frame and a light grey outline. The icon can be also used without the grey outline when given against the green background. In some cases, the name of the app can be placed below the emblem or to the right.


WhatsApp logo

While the primary logo consists of the emblem alone, there also exist versions that include the name of the brand. It is given in a simple sans serif font with flattened vertexes on the “W” and “A.” Interestingly enough, the logo authors decided to steer clear of the typical “friendly” and “tech” typefaces with rounded corners. Another distinctive feature is that the wordmark follows proper capitalization. This is a very important point, as it makes the word easier to read and mentally divide in the two meaningful parts.


The two colors of the WhatsApp logo are white and light green (#25D366). The shade of green looks bright and vivid, while the combination with white makes the emblem crisp and fresh. On the whole, this is a pleasant change from the blue color, which is used for social apps and networks so often.