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The Jeep brand is one of the few that has managed to become a household name for four-wheel drive vehicles. Probably it is exactly because the present-day owners of the brand are not too concerned with improving the graphic representation of their brand, that is the logo, but have focused on improving technical issues.

What font is used on the Jeep logo?
The clean and solid Jeep logotype is written in a traditional sans-serif typeface with classic neat contours and bold lines. The font is very similar to Helvetica Bold, Sequel Sans VF Heavy, and Europa Grotesk SH SemiBold.

Meaning and history

Jeep Logo history

The founding fathers of the cars that were later named Jeep are considered to be the American engineer Arthur Herrington who worked in France, the Norwegian engineer Karl Probst and a number of other specialists from different companies who in the 1940s worked on making a lightweight off-road vehicle. Willys MA, Bantam BRC and Ford GPW are sometimes referred to as the prototypes of the subsequent Jeep cars. Because of these misunderstandings and claims to the brand, the companies have even met in court. As a result, in the first years the cars of the company were produced under the Willys brand name. What concerns the independent brand and logo (in font), they were registered in 1950.

The very name of the brand came from the abbreviation GP, ​​which stands for “General Purpose” ‒ vehicles for general (versatile) purpose. Phonetically, the designation was transformed into Jeep and the name became commonly used.
There is another version of the origin of the brand name. Ford Motor used another abbreviation, GPW, which meant state-owned cars with a wheelbase of up to 80 inches produced in the performance of the government contract and licensed by Willys. This version is more widespread, but it is considered less realistic.
However, there was also a comic book character Eugene the Jeep that appeared in 1936. His main characteristic was exceptional pushfulness, so a vehicle of high passing ability was simply doomed to such a nickname.

Today the Jeep brand belongs to the American automobile concern Chrysler.

1941 – 1945

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1945 – 1963

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1963 – 1970

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1970 – 1987

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1987 – 1993

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1993 – Today

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Jeep symbol

Since the brand’s products are off-road vehicles with a four-wheel drive system, it is the image of the off-road vehicle that is the main symbol of the brand. The brand owners did not consider it obligatory to create any other symbolic image. Partly it was justified, because such a product was unique on the post-war automotive technology market. It was this uniqueness that predetermined the success of the brand and even its transition to a household name for all off-road vehicles.


Jeep emblem

From the very beginning of the Jeep brand’s existence its emblem was a font writing of the brand name. Depending on the models, the emblem could vary in size, but its shape remained unchanged. No additional decorative elements were used. It also concerned the frame for the logo itself. The black and later the silver color of the font in the context of a minimalist approach to the logo did not require such additions.


The main requirement for the font in the Jeep logo was the ease of perception. In other words, the logo should be easy to read. For this purpose a font was created, in which there were practically no sharp angles. It was done specially to emphasize the reliability of the vehicles, their safety. Much later marketing research was conducted the main aim of which was to study the psychology of perception of different types of fonts. The brand’s strategy was recognized as rather effective, both for the new products just entering the market, and for those known for a long time.

ColorColor Jeep logo

Throughout almost all of its history the Jeep logo featured the black color. This classical color solution was, most likely, due to the fact that the brand owners were simply unwilling to think over a more profound visual (including color) strategy. However, it was laconism and minimalism that distinguished all the first cars of this brand. After all, the main thing was neither luxury nor extra comfort. What did matter were the technical aspects ‒ usability, horsepower and maneuverability.

The modern logo is silvery. This color solution emphasizes the established Jeep brand style.