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Halal is the name for products permitted for Muslims. Today it is very well known all over the globe, as a lot of Halal stores and brands appear yearly, so the Halal mark became synonymous not only to the religious food but also to higher quality.

Meaning and history

Halal logo

Halal products are not only authorized products for Muslims who pay close attention to their health and food quality. First of all, the choice of halal products for Muslims is dictated primarily by religious requirements. Buying in a halal store, a Muslim is confident that this product is of high quality, made by special technology prescribed by Shariah, does not contain substances banned by Islam, and components that are prohibited by the Koran.

And to distinguish the permitted for Muslim products, the Halal emblem was created. It is a bright green and white circular badge with the white “Halal” lettering in the uppercase placed under or above the same inscription in Arabic.

Depending on the placement, the emblem can be outlined in white or black, or have its edges sharply cut, resembling a shape of the abstract sun. There are also variations of green color, or the lettering can be written in green on a white background. Whatever the version is, the green and white combination, standing for paradise and innocence, is always there, and the Halal emblem is definitely one of the most recognizable insignias of the modern world.

What is Halal?
Halal is a term from the Islamic culture and Muslim religion. The word “Halal” itself is of Arabic origin and literally means “Allowed”. Most often the Halal symbol can be seen on food products, which means they are allowed to eat according to their religion.

Font and color

The light and elegant Halal logo have the lettering in English set in the uppercase of a clean and strict sans-serif typeface which looks pretty similar to such fonts as Peignot Std Demi and Romance Story Sans, but with some contours of the letters modified and slightly narrowed.

As for the color palette of the Halal visual identity, it is based on a deep and pleasant shade of green, one of the main colors of the Islamic world. The green is a symbol of growth and new life, it represents the beginning of something new and good, and brilliantly suits the emblem.